Elkton Plans to Vote on 1st of 4 Utility Rate Increases to Raise Water Revenue 59% and Sewer 29% Over 4 Yrs.

After hearing that Elkton needs a 59% hike in water rates and 29% in sewer rates over the next four years, the question officials mulled over  was how to distribute the rising costs most equitably.   Part of their solution is on the table Aug 18, when the board votes on the first of four annual increases, which calculations by the Municipal & Financial Services Group shows they must implement to maintain fund balances for the system.   The proposal this fiscal cycle will hit checkbooks hardest as the ordinance introduced Aug 4th contains an average 30% hike for water and 10% for sewer.  When budget considerations come around next year, officials will be at it again as they consider another round of hikes.  

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5 responses to “Elkton Plans to Vote on 1st of 4 Utility Rate Increases to Raise Water Revenue 59% and Sewer 29% Over 4 Yrs.

  1. Elktonian in the Know

    You need to get your figures right. U R way off. They are raising
    them 30 and 10. Read the paper.

    • Elktonian in the Know here’s the rest of the story.

      The numbers you read on Somone Noticed are correct. The Cecil Whig only reported on the first of four planned rate increases so that’s why the papers numbers were so much lower. There’s a full schedule outlined for them and the consultant advises that these are the percentages they must recover in revenue growth for the system to stay financially sound.

      If you want additional verificaiton go right to the source, the town, and ask to see the consultants report. You’ll see the rate increase right there.

  2. Elktonian in the Know

    Why didn’t the Whig just say that then.

  3. Elktonian in the Know: I’m can’t say why on that question. Notice they did approve the 1st of the 4 planned hikes this past Wednesday evening. Stop by more often. We’ll try to keep covering the Elkton news as it occurs so people can keep up with the goings on with municipal government.

  4. Elktonian in the Know: Actually as soon as I hit the send button, I thought of the most likely answer. It’s what happens when you ask politicians something. They pitch the story in the most favorable way, which is natural. That’s where the value of news reporting comes in. Being a little skeptical, asking to see the doucments and following up with questions and having the time to dig into stories helps. Today most newspapers work with such skeleton crews that about all they can do is repeat what a politician says.

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