Vintage Ball Team, Elkton Eclipse, Starts Playing on Historic Calvert Property

From Bill Hughes Gazette

It only took well over a century, but five years ago a team of guys got together and became Cecil County’s national pastime again. The Elkton Eclipse baseball team returned dressed similar to the players of yesteryears 1864 boys of summer. The rules are older than their great, great, great grandfathers as well as the uniforms style. Only the names have changed.

The Eclipse had been playing at the Historic Elk Landing Foundation Inc, site until this year. Now it’s on another historic property, the MacMillan Farm in Calvert, future site of the Cecil County Parks and Recreation. The old farmhouse on Brick Meeting House Road is being renovated for the Parks and Recreation’s new home.

As for the Eclipse’s new field, it will be across the street. Last Sunday they had practice at their new site with Bill “Pockets” Freeland of Rising Sun (in photo) pitching batting practice.
“Our goal is to make it a 19th century baseball park,” said Bruce “Early” Leith, president of the Eclipse Baseball Club of Elkton. “Right now it’s the MacMillan Farm Field. The county bought it a few years ago and we’ve played 3 games here.”

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