Guest Column: What Does a Central Committee Do?

Guest Column

By Joe Carabetta, Chair Cecil County Republican Central Committee

Each major political party has a central committee in each county to coordinate political activity. The members of the central committee are elected in the gubernatorial primary by voters in each respective party. The members are unpaid and the committee receives no tax dollars. All funds raised are through private donations and fund raising efforts. The major duties include voter registration drives, voter outreach at public events, fund raising, attendance at state party conventions and meetings (at their own expense), coordinating election year activities, picking a replacement if an elected official in their party cannot finish their term and being the local official voice of the state party. The Cecil County Republican Central Committee currently consists of nine members. The committee was expanded from 7 to 9 members during the state convention in 2007. The office holders should be ready to commit their time, resources and dedication to the party for the entire length of their 4 year term. Recently, there has been talk of a conservative agenda among some running for this office; well, rest assured that this office embodies the true American principles of hard work, capitalism, free enterprise and constitutional values all without levying a single tax or fee on the general public. Please remember to vote on Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


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