Letter from Chris Zeauskas for Cecil County Commissioner (District 2)

This is a Letter to the Editor from Chris Zeauskas Republican candidate for Co. Commissioner in the 2nd District  ——

Last week I was challenged by my opponent in the GOP primary to a public debate.  While my opponent has had over a year to articulate her positions to the public she still feels a need to further explain away her positions to the public at the 11th hour of this election.  This is because Ms. Moore has not taken a real stand on any issue.  

Just ask her to publicly pledge to vote to cut taxes and spending while in office.  You will receive political double-talk.  My stances are clear: I believe in smaller government and lower taxes, Tari believes that government needs more “revenue” and that more of your money should be given to the government.  I do not believe that the government can run the economy or improve the economy on its own, people and small businesses improve the economy.

As a small business owner myself I understand what it takes to balance the budget and reduce 
spending during tough economic times.  I support policies that empower private citizens to succeed rather than restrain them under the government.  If Tari Moore would like to debate me, we can have a debate, but the debate has already occurred and there is a clear difference between myself and Tari Moore in the GOP primary. 

The choice is between individual freedom and government control.  Support individual freedom on September 14th because we cannot afford Moore big government.  Please call my personal cell phone at 410-241-7111 with any questions.

 Chris Zeauskas

Republican Candidate for County Commissioner – 2nd District.


29 responses to “Letter from Chris Zeauskas for Cecil County Commissioner (District 2)

  1. “Publicly pledg[ing] to vote to cut taxes and spending while in office” is a completely unrealistic notion. If the county has a legitimate reason to raise taxes, and perhaps increase spending on infrastructure or public safety, what is the point of a commissioner voting against that measure if such a vote is irresponsible?

    Everybody wants lower taxes, and we’d like to see wasteful spending eliminated. But it’s one of the unfortunate realities of life in 2010 that such is not always practical or possible.

    • JMS,

      It is a “completely unrealistic notion” to think that our government can continuously raise taxes and spend more money, especially when federal, state, and local authorities are helping to accumulate a tremendous public debt. Who is going to pay for all of this debt? Our children and their children–that’s who! It is not “practical” or “possible” for candidates and elected officials to continue to pass the buck to the next generation on out-of-control spending. I applaud Mr. Zeauskas for making his public pledge. I know it feels good for us to hear that every program will be fully funded and that government is somehow going to solve all of our societal problems, but the truth is this will not work because we simply do not have the money and the taxpayers lack the ability to continue to pay more and more in taxes. True change comes from the ground up: from individuals, local communities, and small businesses. To foster real change government must not control people, but encourage individual freedom and innovation to flourish in our community. People are losing jobs and closing businesses right now. Individuals, groups, and elected officials alike need to stand up and tell the truth rather than pander to what is politically expedient. Cutting wasteful spending and cutting taxes is not always the “feel good” thing to do, but in our current situation it is the right thing to do.


      Ted Patterson

  2. F Gaylord Moody III

    For whatever it is worth, as an early supporter of Tari Moore for County Commissioner, I find Chris Zeauskas’ letter to be strange in his assertion that she has not articulated a policy.

    She has a policy to listen to taxpayer concerns, to understand local issues, and then to work cooperatively with civic and government officials – municipal, county and state, to resolve those issues as well as can be done with limited resources. I am confident that she has the intellect and has done the homework to prioritze many conflicting demands. Tari Moore is the kind of thoughtful person who can be polite, even cordial, when discussing difficult political issues where unpleasant choices are on the table.

    She has spent at least a year researching local issues and concerns unique to communities; personally, I had invited her to meet a group of people from the Chesapeake City area so they could talk with her regarding concerns they felt were unique to the Chesapeake City/ Town Point Road area.

    I think Chris Zeauskas was poorly advised when he skipped the Cecil County Patriot forum for Republican candidates for county commissioner. His challenge to debate seems to be an attempt to recover from that mistake.

    F Gaylord Moody III

  3. What a clever way to spin the situation of “I never showed up for my first debate with Ms. Moore” into a mud-sling at your opponent. Did you ever think that if you had participated in the first place you would have a crystal clear view of her stand? But instead you have decided to twist her words into an entirely different meaning that suits your agenda. Most importantly, your participation in an open debate would have given citizens of Cecil County an opportunity to compare platforms – which is something you denied the public.

  4. Candidate Terry Moore appears to be trying to distance herself from Commissioner Hodge. Mrs. Moore published a letter last week where she failed to mention any of her connections to Commissioner Hodge.

    There was no mention of the fact that Mrs. Moore ran Commissioner Hodge’s campaign. Nor, was there any mention that once Mr. Hodge won his election he attempted to get Ms. Moore a job with the county as a public relations director at $80,000 per year. After that failed, Commissioner Hodge took Ms. Moore to meet the Cecil County S.P.C.A. directors while they were embroiled in their most recent animal abuse scandal. Mr. Hodge told the S.P.C.A. their problem was only an image problem. The S.P.C.A. also passed on hiring Mrs Moore as their public relations consultant.

    Mrs Moore goes to great lengths to distance herself from Mr. Hodge now that she is a candidate but if you look closely you will see that those ties are still there. Ms. Moore lists herself with the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce as being with North East Enterprises, a company owned by Commissioner Hodge.

    If you like Commissioner Hodge, you will love Terry Moore, who is nothing more than Commissioner Hodge in a dress.

    Robert Moore

  5. I applaud Mr. Zeauskas for stating “If Tari Moore would like to debate me, we can have a debate…”. Apparently he has picked up the gauntlet. As I recall, she asked for his suggestions on format, etc. Perhaps his next “Letter to the Editor ” will include some detail. Please hurry so as to inform the “Early Voters”. I suggest that we withhold comment until after the debate. I would direct “Robert Moore” to the Delegate Mike (Smigiel) post on Journalism 101. Please have the decency to document your allegations.

  6. Mr Moody, any politician can listen to taxpayer concerns and understand local issues. Any politician can be kind, thoughtful, polite, (even cordial) person. But that is not what Cecil County needs.

    Tari’s stated positions amount to broad political platitudes that can be interpreted in a million different ways. The reason thousands in Cecil County are supporting Chris Zeuaskas is because he has a marked, contrasting position — a commitment to cut taxes & reduce spending. If that means upsetting some of the Democrat Commissioner’s sensibilities, so be it. A healthy democracy will require some healthy, contrasting debating. I won’t be voting for Chris so he can go make friends at the County Admin building. I’m voting for Chris Zeuaskas so he can be the Republican leader that will stand up to the Democrat Commissioner’s big-spending ways (the way Republicans should).

    To accuse Zeuaskas of denying the public the opportunity to contrast positions because he missed one political event simply ignores the facts. As far as voters are concerned, has no mistake to make up for. As thousands of Cecil County residents already know, Chris Zeuaskas spends countless evenings and weekends going door to door talking to voters in person. If Tari wants to debate “politics”, that’s up to her — getting to talk to voters sounds like a better use of time to me.

    If Mr Moody wants to support Tari Moore because she is polite, nice, and cordial — and a good researcher — that’s his choice.

    I’m voting for the candidate with the courage to stand up to big-spending government and with a track record of knowing what wasteful spending looks like. I’m voting for Chris Zeuaskas for County Commissioner this coming September 14.

  7. Chris Zeauskas is exactly the type of politician we need right now. He has pledged to resign from office if he were to raise our taxes. I, for one, will sleep a little easier knowing that Chris will hold the line on taxes while making the tough choices of what the government should be funding, or continuing to fund. While I’m trying to makes ends meet with my budget, I know Chris is on my team and has my back. As Ronald Reagan once said; “Government isn’t the solution, Government is the problem.” Historically, governments grow in good times and bad. That kind of thinking MUST STOP!


    Chris, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here are the facts: you profess to be pro-business, yet you REFUSED to show up at the Cecil County Chamber Government Relations committee meeting in which they had invited you to share your platform and vision for Cecil County.

    You are a member of the Cecil County Patriots (your statement from their website: “The values and principles of the Cecil County Patriots are some of the most important and encoraging things I’ve read in a long time (see source: http://cecilcountypatriots.ning.com/profile/ChristopherDZeauskas?xg_source=profiles_memberList),
    yet you REFUSED to attend the Aug 2nd Patriots’ candidate debate in which you had the perfect opportunity to share your values and platform.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Why are you not willing to appear in public for an honest debate and to talk about the issues? You accuse your primary opponent of “double-talk”? However, it appears you are the master of it. I look forward to a debate between Moore and Zeaukas – one on one.

  9. Chris is right to call the incumbent on her spending and willingness to tax at the expense of small businesses in Cecil.

    There is no way to rationalize tax increases in a down economy such as this one. The social services that liberals like Moore want to provide are best left to churches, communities, and private benefactors. That is, unless you want a government that is large enough to give you everything you need (and therefore, large enough to take it all away).

    Cecil county is a land of opportunity but we need to grow in a manner that is sustainable. Let’s give chris a chance- he has pledged to resign if he screws up- and he must be better than Moore.

    • ATTENTION P-swizz: Since Tari Moore is not “the INCUMBENT”, your statement that ” Chris is right to call the INCUMBENT on her spending and willingness to tax at the expense of small businesses in Cecil” is puzzling. I assume that you are referring to her imaginary INCUMBENCY when you write that chris (sic) must be better than Moore. I think that you would be well served to attend the debate offerred by Chris so that you can judge the candidates for yourself without relying on talking points prepared by others.

  10. The only debate I need to hear is who is going to stop the excessive taxation and government spending. Mr. Zeauskus has pledged not to raise my taxes and he started a group against taxes. Mrs Moore says she will raise revenue (political speak for raising taxes) and treats the voters like children, too uneducated to understand the complexities of governing.

    My husband works two jobs just to make ends meet. Our kids wear their older siblings hand me downs and I clip coupons. I expect my government to reduce its spending as I have to in order to survive. I am voting for Mr. Zeauskus because he gets it and I trust him to spend our tax dollars as frugally as we have to spend our own.

    • Question for Robert Moore : When and where did Mrs. (Tari) Moore say she will raise revenue (taxes) ? Questions for ROBERTA Moore (I guess your wife wrote the second paragraph since she refers to “my husband”): Given the fact that your husband works two jobs, along with your admirable frugality, what is your position on collective bargaining with binding arbitration for county employees ? Do you think that it would raise the cost of government and, therefore, your taxes ? What is the Zeauskas position on binding arbitration? Would he cut services in order to fund pay raises ordered by someone who lives outside the county and would not be financially impacted ?

  11. Diogenese,
    maybe P-swizzz is confused since Tari Moore is so close to Bob Hodge that they appear to be one person. If find it disconcerting that she is now distancing herself from someone with whom she has been so closely associated for the last 4 years. Is this part of harnessing the anti-incumbent sentiment, where political insiders are now painting themselves as grassroots candidates? Can you really trust someone who so easily trades allegiances? If Mrs. Moore is so willing to abandon her longtime friend, can you imagine that she will have more loyalty to the faceless and nameless voters? The Chinese have a saying — every elbow bends inward. It seems to sum up Tari Moore’s intentions.

  12. Dear Larisa, You must have spent too much time in that dreary Russian hospital. Do you have evidence of a Tari Moore renunciation of her friends ? She seems to have grassroots support as evidenced by her broad-based campaign team. It seems that “Tari Moore’s intentions” are to participate in the debate offered by her primary opponent, Mr. Zeauskas, and to inform the voters of her positions on the issues.

  13. Mr. Zeauskas, while I appreciate that you are so committed to cutting taxes – to the point of resigning from office if you ever vote for one -what that really tells me is that you haven’t done your homework.

    We all know our property assessments have gone down, which means during this economic downturn, each year the county will get less money to operate. But the price of gas in those police cars won’t go down – nor will the cost of goods and services the county has to pay for. At this point in time and probably for the next several years, the county will start each year with less operating revenue than they had the year before. And that doesn’t even include whatever State aid to local government will be further cut, or expenditures the State has proposed shifting to the counties.

    Eliminating wasteful spending and cutting back county expenditures is something all of the Republican candidates for Commissioner have said they will do (including your Primary opponent, Tari Moore). But to cut taxes, you will have to eliminate services. Please tell me what services you are going to eliminate?

    You can’t touch the public schools’ budget – and you state on your website that keeping crime down is a priority, so I’m assuming you will at least keep the same level of public safety as we have now. Those are the two biggest pieces of the county’s budget. So what will you cut?

    There’s a lot of ridiculous attacks on this thread, but I’m looking for reasonable dialogue about the issues. And reasonable people want to understand how you’re going to back up your promise to never vote for a tax increase.

  14. In case people don’t know the answers to some of Diogenes’ questions, Zeauskas strongly supported collective bargaining with mandatory, binding arbitration for the FOP, representing the deputies. Zeauskas was rewarded with campaign contributions from FOP, its president, and Chris Sutton.
    If he is so worried about spending taxpayer money, and would resign rather than raise taxes, why would he turn over our tax dollars to an arbitrator who could mandate pay raises, benefit increases, etc that could require tax increases to pay for? So maybe Zeauskas should resign before he is elected… which he won’t be.

  15. Chris Zeauskas, When and where will the debate be held ?

  16. When complaining that Chris Zeauskas did not attend certain candidate forums one should know that he did attend those hosted by two Chambers of Commerce and the NAACP. Chris and his campaign has also visited 7,000 households. I suspect that contacted more people than all of the forums combined. How’s that for getting your message out to the voters?

    • Joe,

      Good points! The double standards used to evaluate certain candidates in this county are amazing. Trying to pin candidates for not attending certain debates is a distraction. I know of quite a few candidates who have not attended the events and forums you mentioned. Ultimately as a voter, I want to know where candidates stand, what their life experiences are, and what their overall philosophy will be as an elected official. Chris understands the issues, he stands by what he believes, and he doesn’t filter what he says to sound more politically correct. That is what we need in local government! Not everyone will like his message, but at least he is not changing his message to get elected.

      Also, I think that people should take notice when others post on blogs under fake names. When people do that it means that they do not really believe in what they are saying because they are embarrassed to list their real names with what they write.


      Ted Patterson

      • Ted: Good points Joe Tropp, my fellow member of The Republican Fiscal Conservative Central Committee Team. If we can just blather through the early voting into the official Primary Election Day we can fool people into believing that Chris Zeauskas has real positions. Maybe no one will ask how to freeze taxes (pandering to the average citizen) while backing binding arbitration and the guaranteed expenses to the county (pandering to the FOP). Diogenes: Seems like fuzzy math to me. I would like to ask Chris Zeauskas his position on shifting responsibility for teacher pensions from the state to our county. If he would answer these two questions I would consider giving him my vote. I also think that you are being unfair to Mike Smigiel (AKA Robert Moore).

      • Ted, as a voter I too want to know things about a candidate. Since you are a candidate for two offices, Delegate and Central Committee, I would like to know your “life experiences” that qualify you for these roles.

    • Attending and participating are two different things. Hanging bags on doorknobs is not the same as standing up, facing the voters, and articulating your positions in a public forum. Josue’ Sierra writes a nice letter to the editor on his behalf to which he appends his name, but Chris needs to follow Sarah Palin’s advice and demonstrate some manhood. I can understand your loyalty to a fellow member of The Republican Fiscal Conservative Central Committee Team. Please provide your list of accomplishments on behalf of the Republican Party. No one seems to recall any contributions.

  17. This whole race is simply a level of maturity. Tari Moore is way more qualified, mature, and polished than Chris Furthermore, Chris knows this thus the attacks and fear of debate. I am not affiliated to Moore but that is where my vote will go.

  18. prisoner number seven

    Diogenes, it seems that you equate old with smart. Clearly, you align yourself with the ole boy network. Ted is a well educated and energetic gentleman, and would be a credit to the Central Committee. One would think that you would welcome an active, motivated participant to the RCC. These cliquish attitudes are what have stifled the Republican party in this County. After all, Ted has attended far more RCC meetings than many of the current members. Perhaps we should rename it the Revolving Central Committee?

  19. prisoner number seven, Ted stated that he, as a voter, wanted to know a candidate’s life experiences. As a fellowvoter, I simply asked him to share his life experiences that qualify him as Delegate and Central Committee member.

  20. Prisoner Number Seven
    The minutes of the Central Committee are available for review. This will settle any discussion on attendance. I can tell you that Ted is already a member of the Republican Central Committee and he has missed several meetings because he was “working on campaigns”. My concern for the party is how will Ted be able to work on Central Committee when he is in Annapolis?? Same comment applies to some of the “others” on the fiscal conservative slate. It is hard enough to wear one hat, let alone two. Do one job right. Good luck to all candidates next tuesday.

  21. As a fan of the old “The Prisoner” TV show, prisoner number 7 is mis-stating a lot more than the numerical sequence of that show. “Number One” was the boss/interrogator in chief– gee, whom might that be in Cecil County/dist. 36? But our local #7 plays the age card, attacking anyone who asks about jobs and accomplishments of a political candidate as being an old fuddy duddy and, being of a certain age, one must be part of the “good ole boys” network.

    Age is not the issue. Job experience is. Have some of these candidates (Patterson in particular) ever held a full time paying job for more than a summer internship? why should the taxpayers be asked to give them their first real job, at public expense? And Patterson is campaign chairman for a Harford County centeral committee candidate, in addition to his two political candidacies in Cecil County, so what time does he have to do all these “jobs.”
    So as the old 60’s song says, “”Get a job, sha na na na, sha na na na na” before you try to con the taxpayers into giving you one.

  22. Ted, You failed to respond to my question regarding your life experiences. I agree with you that ultimateley a voter wants to know this. Let’s move to another of your top three stated criteria, ” Where the candidates stand”. Do you agree with shifting teacher pension costs from the state to Cecil County? Do you agree with binding arbitration for Deputies ? Do you believe in a mandated tax cap set at constant yield, and if so state how the county will pay for costs associated with the first two issues. These are reasonable questions to ask of a candidate for House of Delegates.

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