Commissioner Lockhart Calls for Privatization of Detention Center & Landfill

As the primary nears, voters trying to get past the electioneering noise as they seek some real understanding of what candidates are proposing, will find the Cecil Times report of this week’s debate of interest. 

Here are some highlights from the Cecil Times report.

  • Commissioner Lockhart informed the Cecil Times blog ” that he wants to see the county jail turned over to a private contractor. . . .  He said the county would own the facility but hire a private contractor to run it and hire its own employees to guard inmates. “
  •  He also called for privatization of county landfill operations. 
  • The exchange between Carl Roberts and Commissioner Wayne Tome was characterized as a “glass half-empty, glass half-full disparity” as Roberts outlined his assessment of the county’s economy and it’s over-reliance on residential property taxes. 
  • Tome said the county was “doing very well with economic development” despite the recession.  He thought that “state and federal aid, possibly through homeland security programs, could ease the county’s fiscal problems. . .”
  • Roberts shot back, “Nobody’s going to bail us out…there’s no federal dollars coming, no state money coming” and the county must “solve our own problems.”

These are some highlights from the blogger’s report.  Click here to read the full article as you try to get information to help you understand a candidate’s position on public policy matters.


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