Cecil Times: Sheriff’s Race: Sutton Out-Fundraises Janney, but Cupboard is Bare

From Cecil Times —-

Chris Sutton, candidate for Cecil County Sheriff in the Democratic primary, has achieved what some might have considered impossible a year ago when he declared his candidacy: he raised more campaign funds than the incumbent Republican, Sheriff Barry Janney, long a local legend for his big-bucks political campaigns, according to reports filed Aug. 17 with the state Board of Elections.

   Sutton raised $27,816 from January until August 10, on top of his 2009 fundraising of $38,313, for a total of $66,129, according to reports filed with the state. In contrast, Janney raised $21,990 since January,  plus he raised another $25,250 in 2009, for a total of  $47,240. Janney also had a carry-over balance from his last election campaign fund of $15,895, but even with that large cushion, his cumulative total available for this year’s election –$63,135– was still short of Sutton’s total, according to the state reports. [Cecil Times will file a separate report on Janney’s fundraising.]

    Sutton’s impressive fundraising efforts took a few pages out of Janney’s political  playbook: golf fundraisers. . . .

Continues here


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