Security Returns to Normal Level at Elkton Town Meetings

Elkton Town Hall, Sept, 1, 2010 — Security returned to a normal level at Wednesday evening’s board meeting since, for the first time in over three months, an Elkton Police Officer wasn’t detailed to provide added security.  This beefed up arrangement of having an extra officer assigned to keep a watchful eye on proceedings came about around the time Elkton voter’s headed to the polls in May.  Afte that someone from patrol was on hand to stand attentively at guard in the rear of the board room.   When Somone Noticed asked what mounting public safety concerns required the presence of an added law enforcement resources, we were told the mayor ordered the guard detail as elected officials conducted routine municipal business in the public forum.

Following Mayor Fisona’s order to bump up security, Someone Noticed surveyed local governmental bodies to develop a comparative story describing protection at public meetings.  We were unable to identify an  entity that required the presence of an officer, specifically detailed for protection.  Cecil County rarely required a deputy.  There were a few instances when particularly heated matters were before the county board that a deputy was required, but those rarely occurred. Municipalities elsewhere didn’t require a special law enforcement presence.  The chief attends in most places to report on matters as a department head, but beyond that someone from a police agency wasn’t there specifically for security. 

Whatever caused the elevated threat level, it appears the risk has passed, allowing Elkton Town Meetings to return to normal from that perspective as there are other protective arrangements in place at the public forum.


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