News Flash: Elkton Cancels Wed, Sept. 8ths Workshop

A reader just brought this note to our attention.  The Mayor & Commissioners have cancelled the Sept. 8th workshop.


10 responses to “News Flash: Elkton Cancels Wed, Sept. 8ths Workshop

  1. I think you might have shown your hand too early and telegraph the idea that you are prepared to challenge their video restrictions and meeting closure procedure — there was no other way to exert the power they require.

    Possible conversation being played out in the mayor’s head:
    “You can’t tell us how to run a meeting… I’ll just cancel the meeting. So, there! Record that!”

    I guess they told you, Mike.


    • Wayne: Considering the legal tangles the town gets into, I figured I’d better tell them what I was doing so hopefully it eased the path for everyone. I could see them ordering it stopped, although Maryland law clearly permits it. There were a couple of disappointing instances of that nature elsewhere. In one instance a few years back, they called the police and had the citizen removed. In another they knew they couldn’t do that so the entire board walked out. I’m disappointed with the mayor’s decision to further restrict the public’s ability to monitor things, but as new media I guess it’s an opportunity for us to be of broader service.

      I had a email from the town administrator saying the meeting “was cancelled because no items were scheduled for discussion. The next workshop, given that items of discussion are schedule, will be held on Wednesday, Oct 13.”

  2. prisoner number seven

    Wayne, this was my first reaction too.

    “Information is the currency of democracy.” — Thomas Jefferson

    • Prisoner Number Seven: Thanks for posting. Maryland’s law are so basic, it is important that media and citizens hold government strictly acocuntable for meeting these minimum requirements of the Open Meeting Acts and Public Information Acts. It really does make for better government.

  3. WHAT DID YOU DO ???? Who ever said, one man carrying a video camera under his arm can’t get any respect? Is it possible, you have the smartest folks (elected officials) in Elkton confused, terrified and heading for the hills? The workshop is cancelled!!!! I had my entire afternoon planned, and was looking forward to watching Someone Noticed’s live streaming of the proceedings. I’m sure this isn’t the end of this story. Will Someone Noticed be following up on the reasons behind the postponement?

  4. Zogloba: We did get a quote from the town. Here’s what Lewis George, the town administrator said: “The M & C workshop for tonight [ Wednesday, September 8 ] was cancelled because no items were scheduled for discussion. The next workshop, given that items of discussion are scheduled, will be held on Wednesday, October 13, at 4:00 p.m.”

  5. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation. Here’s an item for discussion for the Oct. 13 gathering of great minds, in case they need something to place on the agenda: “Filming Town Workshops: Featuring Blogging Videographer Mike Dixon” (formerly of the Elkton Historic District Commission).

    • Zogloba, there’s plenty of news at Elkton town meetings. We wish we had some other media besides us covering the meetings routinely. Years ago they had the Whig, the Herald, the News Journal and WSER. At least their actions were covered. These days it up to new media to cover it, if it it’s going to get done.

  6. Local government DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DISCUSS?!

    That sounds like something you’d read on – a site that spoofs news that is so ridiculous they’re absurdly funny.

    Hey – if they don’t hold a meeting, does that mean they’ll give back a meeting’s worth of their meager salary? Or, will the town avoid paying out for meeting attendance. (I think I’m onto something….)

    If they can avoid meeting again for the rest of the year, they could save the town a heap of taxpayer dollars. I’d suggest that — if I lived there again…


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