Town Takes Additional Steps to Reduce Labor Cost as it Addresses Shortfall in Property Tax Revenue

Elkton, Sept. 10, 2010  — Since a new municipal budget went into force on July 1, 2010, a shortfall of $186,000 in property tax revenue has been identified.  Consequently, the mayor and commissioners have taken steps to reduce labor cost by eliminating one position and putting a freeze on filling four others.  The hold on replacing employees in the Department of Public Works where the openings aren’t be filled was just announced by Mayor Joseph Fisona.  Last month, the position of Assistant Town Administrator was eliminated.  The town will continue to evaluate revenue and expenses during the remainder of the fiscal year and a final decision to fill or not to fill the public works positions will be made.   Elkton’s “labor force, combined with contracted services, is currently sufficient to meet our public service goals and to provide the citizens . . . with the services that they both expect and deserve,” Lewis George, the town administrator, added.

Public Works Employees clear town parking lot during winter storm.


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