Republicans of Cecil County: Addressing Cecil Times Attacks/Local-State Elections

From Republicans of Cecil County —-

As a person who believes strongly in Twitter these days, I’ve noticed that the liberal and biased Cecil Times, which has not erred in its attempt to vilify the Young Republicans, the Cecil County Fiscal Conservative Central Committee Team, Delegate Michael Smigel, State Senator E.J. Pipkin, and even myself before on that blog.

This editoral on their page takes the cake though and I couldnt sit by and not comment anymore while the Cecil Times allows this:

From Donna Caudell

Senator E.J. Pipkin and Delegate Michael Smigiel are trying to deceive voters. They, along with their slated Fiscal Conservative Central Committee Team, have distributed ads which claim that they are “tea party tested, tea party approved.” However, the tea party is NOT endorsing or “approving” any candidates.

In fact, no individuals on this slate have actively supported or helped their local tea party, and some members have even worked against the principles that the tea party stands for. There are members of the local tea party group, the Cecil County Patriots, who are running for office, but these individuals have chosen not to use the tea party or Cecil County Patriots name as a tool for their own candidacies. There are people in the Cecil County Patriots who have sacrificed a lot of time, energy, and wealth to further the tea party agenda of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a government which derives its powers from the people.

For the Pipkin-Smigiel team to try to co-opt other people’s efforts to use in their own candidacies is unconscionable. This Pipkin-Smigiel “team,” which includes Ted Patterson, Chris Zeauskas, Michael Dunn, Michael Dawson, Carrie Taylor, Brad Carrilo, James Hutchinson, Jim Mullin, and Joe Tropp, are attempting to deceive voters and as a result do not deserve anyone’s vote.

I have worked with many of these members and know many of them well, considering them along my allies. Ted Patterson has been one of the most dedicated people to the Conservative cause in Cecil County fighting for conservatism, lower taxes, more liberty, believes in education being in the county level. For that I am proud if I lived in Ted’s district to vote for him for the House of Delegates and plan on doing so for Central Committee.

continues on Republicans of Cecil County


3 responses to “Republicans of Cecil County: Addressing Cecil Times Attacks/Local-State Elections

  1. I am the one who wrote this article, John Brooks, a member of the Cecil County Young Republican Club. I ask the webmaster to fix the link to Continue to the Cecil Young Republicans. Your readers would be more helped by being able to be directed to that link without leaving this website.

  2. Billye Jo Jackson

    John Brooks your article is OUTSTANDING. Thank you for printing the truth.

  3. John: The link is fixed. thanks for pointing that out.

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