Cozy Coffee Cafe With Excellent Foods Opens in Port Deposit

Over the past few years, we’ve carefully watched as Port Deposit has become a regional destination spot for fine dining.  As a result we often head that way to enjoy exceptional meals coupled with the ambiance of an attractive historic river town that is ideal for sidewalk and riverside dining, as well as strolling.  But just when we thought one of our favorite towns couldn’t get any better, along comes another establishment to complement the cluster of other fine dining spots one has to consider.    

The Hidden Bean opened in a 19th century building on the historic town square (8 South Main Street), about two weeks ago.   The owners, Pat & Kevin, discovered this attractive riverside community several years ago, and soon decided to locate the Hidden Bean right here in Cecil County.  We first met Kevin while he was working one day on rehabbing another historic residential structure on Main Street so we were pleased to find him busy on the cafe up the street. 

The Hidden Bean, a java joint, specializes in coffee, muffins, and bagels for the morning trade and a creative mid-day menu for lunchtime.  That’s what we’ve checked out several times since they opened, as we enjoyed dining outside on the town square on these comfortable sunny days.   There are tasty Quiches, Greek Salads that are unmatched in the county, and some of the finest, creative sandwiches this side of the Susquehanna.  A house specialty is a tasty, toasted Cuban sandwich, a Miami favorite, but we also find the Pastrami to be the best around.  Oh there are plenty of desserts so we checked out the Chocolate Cheesecake.  It was unbelievable.  

Pat and Kevin have worked hard to make the Hidden Bean the kind of coffee café where customers will become regulars and want to linger.  This premium coffee-house is a nice addition and adds another Port spot that is now on our regular list since we’ve discovered such tempting offerings accompanied with attentive service.  Why don’t you head down to the town square in Port soon and check out this cozy little spot for yourself?

It’s great to see the revitalization that is going on in this old Susquehanna River town as new business that pull in visitors from a wide region locate here.  It certainly caused us to become Port Deposit regulars in recent years.

 Check out this PreservationNation Photo site on flicker for another photo of the Hidden Bean and it’s owners.  They’re open until 3 p.m. 7 days a week.  Here’s their phone number if you need more information 410-378-3783.


5 responses to “Cozy Coffee Cafe With Excellent Foods Opens in Port Deposit

  1. Bravo to Someone Noticed for their excellent article on the Hidden Bean. I had the opportunity to dine there one day this week and I had the best Cuban Sandwichthat I ever tasted! The service was excellent. The Hidden Bean is a gastronomic delight and is adds even more variety to the type of resaurants that have come to symbolize the resurgence of Port Deposit. Bravo!

    • Col. Carpenter, as the County’s very own gourmet raconteur, the man about the dining scene in Cecil, we’ll certainly say your assessment of this is a highly qualified review. Thanks for sharing.

      Isn’t it wonderful how towns can use THese sorts of quality places to create destination draws. As the Mayor and Commissionrs of Elkton invests so heavily in revitalizing thier downtown, an attempt at attracting a fine dining spot is something they should consider, as they work to identify the right strategies to help there. A decade ago, we barely ventured to Port, but now we’re down there most weeks, sometimes more than once a week. Anyway thanks for sharing your expertise.

  2. I had two Greek salads at the Hidden Bean this week, and I have never had a Greek salad in this county that was as impressive in size, variety of food items, and taste. This new cafe has a lot to offer for the casual dining.

  3. Mike, Can I have an email address for you? I’ll send you the poster and you can see if you want to post it as is. I was asked by Chamber of Commerce pres. Tom Knight to put this festival together. Hopefully it will be a monthly event next year.

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