Someone Noticed Plans Election Day Coverage; Check Here for Local Results After Polls Close

On the eve of the 2010 primary, as contentious races that involved competing Republican factions and arguments about the right to claim support of tea party principles draws to a close, Someone Noticed is planning election-day coverage.  Of course, Republicans didn’t have an exclusive on the controversy for the sheriff’s race was particularly malicious.  The gloves also came off on the competition involving Commissioner Wayne Tome and Dr. Carl Roberts.    

Whatever the case, the voters who’ve probably been confused sorting through all the noise of the claims and counter claims, will have their say tomorrow.  Once the polls close, Someone Noticed will start posting election results, providing near real time coverage of the Cecil County races.   

Someone Noticed uses the latest web 2.0 technology, including smart phones and wireless laptops,, so we’re able to report instantly from any spot as news breaks.  We also have capability to provide live audio, video or photo coverage as appropriate, but we suspect we’ll concentrate on the tallies in order to get those results out to readers quickly.

Election signs along road to county administration building during early voting.


5 responses to “Someone Noticed Plans Election Day Coverage; Check Here for Local Results After Polls Close

  1. Great idea, Mike. This will be a nice service to the readers.

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  3. Thanks. You provided a great public service in covering stuff as it happened election day. keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Bakersville. We have lots more planned since with these new web 2.0 technologies and digial equipment it is so easy to provide real time coverage.

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