Blogging Live: Final Results for this evening

Click over to the counthy web site.  An update just came in.  It is show that 87% of the vote is in.  This is the final number for tonight.  The remainder are made of absentee and provisional ballots, which will be counted Thursday.  Click over to the county web site to read all the results.

Repeat the county is saying represents the total that will be counted tonight.


8 responses to “Blogging Live: Final Results for this evening

  1. Cecil Co….Registered Voters 59334 – Cards Cast 13126 22.12%….not even a 1/4 of the registered voters took the time to vote…damn shame.

    • Bill: Isn’t that amazing, especially considering all the attention this negative campaign was getting in several of the races. We thought that would energize the base for each of these groups. Perhaps there just isn’t much of a base, but just a lot of noise from a small handfull of supporters that can be very vocal.

  2. Bill, factor in that approximately half of the eligible population in MD is even registered to vote. So that means the about 1/8, or 12.5% of the people are deciding for everyone who runs our government.

  3. Just want to say that the Election Board did a great job both working with the poll watchers and getting the results out quickly.

    • Bob: The eleciton board couldn’t have been more supportive and open. Staff out there was available to help any media (new or legacy) that wanted to cover things on election day.

  4. Bob,
    Very good point! I knew the statistician in you would have the real data. The next fun calculation would be to determine the cost per vote for some of the races.

  5. Yes, Joe, I surmise that early voting did not increase voter participation, but merely spread it out over a longer period at an increased cost. After all, absentee ballots and provisional ballots can probably capture the special situations of most any voter. Extra days (at considerable expense) likely don’t add anither dimension to the mix.

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