Blogging the Cecil County Election Results Live: Some Results From Early Voting

It’s about twenty minutes since the polls closed in Cecil County and we’re blogging live from the county office buildling.  Early voting results are up and here’s what they’re showing at this point:

In’ the contest between Senator Pikpin and Alcorn  (208 for Pipkin and 103 for Alcron)

Mike Smigiel Unopposed 237

Stepehenm S. Hershey 126 vs Richard Sossi 150

County Commissioner Ditrict 002 (R) Tari Moore, 281, Chris Zeauskas – 24o

Co. Commissioner, District 3  Mike Dunmn – 203, Harry Hepbron 177, Ted Kolodzey 142

County Commissioner District5 004 Diana Broomell 262, Mike Dawson 244

County Commissioner District 004 Wayne Tome 248, va Carl Roberts 349

Treasurer, Carrie Taylor 214, Bill Feehley 274

State’s Attorney, Michae Halter 227, Ellis Rollins 300

Sheriff, Barry Janney, 287, Al Michael, 92, Dan Slater 166


6 responses to “Blogging the Cecil County Election Results Live: Some Results From Early Voting

  1. Wow- I just found you guys! Thank you. Wish I would have known about you earlier… and had info onteh Tea party candidates, kinda went into the polls blind this time..

    • Anonymous: Thanks. We do try to cover things with our limited resources and we try to let both sides have their say, which is one of the reasons why there were so many comments here. There are several other blogs, but generally they have strong orientaitons toward one side or the other for a range of reasons, such as old Cecil County grudges or simply politics. But here as long as it met our standard of what coudl be published, we let it go. It was okay to be critical and even a little edgy, but there was a point that we’d cut it off.

  2. Constructively paranoid

    I must say, I found it a bit odd that the party affiliations were not listed on the electronic ballet. Folks who wanted to vote the party line.. be it tea, dem, rep or whatever.. had no chance to do so unless they had educated themselves beforehand. The practice of voting the partyline is more common than the ballot planners realize- or perhaps statistics show DEMS vote the partyline more than Republicans.. and the party affiliations were removed by vote in an attempt to have one party’s numbers drop. It wouldn’t be the first time ballots were tinkered with for political purpouses. Chads anyone? We’ve all forgotten about the column manipulation of 2000.. or does anyone even know about that? God save us all.

  3. There are more candidates than listed above- I assume they have zero votes? A state site has Sutton leading in the early results but you guys have his name missing. Thanks for the live site.. and Go Chris!

  4. I agree, this site is an excellent forum for the free exchange of information and ideas. Kudos to the Someone Noticed and the equally impressive work of the Cecil Times.
    To Constructively Paranoid: I do hate to say this, but you have been duped. Actually much of Maryland is under the false impression perpetuated by the two-party system that the events of September 14 are an election – they are not. What they are is taxpayer-funded nominations by the two principal parties to select representatives to appear on the November 2 general election ballot. The other three political parties in the state (Constitution, Green and Libertarian) have already nominated their respective candidates to the general election in a self-funded caucus or convention.
    The reason there wasn’t indications of party affiliation is that all of the candidates on your ballot were seeking the nomination of the same party. Since you have chosen to affiliate with that party, you have a say in who will represent your party in November. At the same time, since you are not a member of the other principal party in the primary, nor of the three non-principal parties, you do not have a voice in their nominations of candidates to the general election.
    I would encourage all voters to get to know the candidates. Some speak with forked tongues, others with smooth talk, still others are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be deceived! Seek the truth, support the true leader who exemplifies integrity and character, vote the candidate who, when you send him to Annapolis, you will sleep well knowing the there is no back-room dealing, no influence peddling, but honest representation of the residents of Cecil County.
    Vote Michael W. Dawson for Delegate in 34B this November!

    • [Note– This comment is direct to Delegate Smigiel, not the publisher of Someone Noticed]

      You are nother candidate for the lamp. According to Cecil Whig page A3 on 9/15/2010 Pipkin “vows to bring back the budget plan he and Sate Sen. David Brinkley proposed for Maryland last year as an alternative to Gov. Martin O’ Malley’s budget. Pipkin’s plan mapped out a strategy to reduce state spending.” As I recall Pipkin’s plan included shifting funding of teacher’s pensions to Cecil County. Of course this was when he was considering an ultimately failed run for State Comptroller. Once again, the Fiscal Conservative mantra is used to deceive the voters. Nice 1-2-3-4 punch. The state shifts costs, withholds funds (gas taxes), shifts burden to Cecil County, and you attack the Commissioners who must deal with the problem, thus releaving you of responsibility. I await a response from Smigiel Bear or another of your puppets while you prepare to write another check.

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