Blogging Live From Elkton Town Meeting

We’re covering the town board meeting live. While we don’t expect any breaking news this evening, you never know when the mayor and commissioners are in session. If some headline news breaks out, we’ll break in with a news flash.

It’s a lightly attended meeting with a light published agenda. Security continues at a normal level since a patrol officer isn’t here providing the the mayor had ordered for months.

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2 responses to “Blogging Live From Elkton Town Meeting

  1. Mike,
    The officer came in at 7:40 and left at 7:50. You were in the front of the room trying to figure out a vote so you would not have seen him.

  2. Debbie:

    Working up front trying to hear how that split vote went, we missed the visit by an Elkton patrol officer in the back.

    We will get a story up on the split vote approving a the serving of alcohol for two times outside at the biker show over at the old Four Corner’s Tavern shortly. That’s what had us distracted since it was hard to determine how the vote went. Anyway, it was a split vote with Commissioners Hicks and Given voting against the approval and Mayor Fisona and Commissioners Jablonski and Piner voting in favor. The commissoners had concerns about noise in the area and how that was going to be controlled. Full story to follow.

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