News Update: Election Board Prepares to Count Absentee & Provisional Ballots

In this hotly contest primary election, which had several competitive races, the Board of Elections is switching gears, as it now prepares to count absentee and provisional ballots.  When that process begins Thursday at 10:00 a.m.,  officials will have 257 absentee ballots that are going to be counted, according to Bobbi Jo Wilson.  Provisional ballots, votes that weren’t tabulated on election day for some reason, will also need to be tabulated, but the number of those wasn’t available at this time.  Although several of the competitive races had the candidates within a couple of hundred votes,  it doesn’t appear that this count will change the results since the number of ballots remaining represents both Democrats and Republicans.   Officials estimate that these votes are equally split between the two major parties.

Overall things went smoothly during the primary, and the results flowed quickly into the Elkton headquarters.  After they were read, the tallies were made quickly available to the small crowd gathered in the commissioners meeting room and made available at the same time to those monitoring the reports on the Internet.  Readers of Someone Noticed were able to keep up just as quickly as other media outlets did by surfing over to the county web-site.  The numbers haven’t changed since late last night, but if you want to check them or monitor the additional data that will come in Thursday click here.

Several candidates were talking about one problem with a machine jamming at the Singerly Fire Hall voting location.  We asked the election board about that and they advised that the paper had jammed, but the total wasn’t affected.  To verify the count from that machine, officials are going to reread the data as they go back through the process of validating these unofficial results.

Voter turnout was light, despite the hotly contested races that grew negative in the weeks leading up to the primary.  It also included turf battles between factions of Republicans and an argument over different factions claiming to support Tea Party principles.  The county advises about 22% of the registered voters cast their ballots.


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