Mayor Fisona Releases Statement About EEOC Age Discrimination Suit

As a result of inquires from Someone Noticed about the age discrimination suit involving the Town of Elkton, Mayor Fisona released the following statement late this Friday evening:

Statement From Mayor Joseph Fisona

“Andrew Johnson was employed by the Town of Elkton from January 18, 1999 until December 31, 2007.  In court, the Town intends to refute Mr. Johnson’s allegations that his age played any factor in his employment with the Town of Elkton. However, it is the Town’s policy not to comment regarding the specifics of any litigation against the Town.”


5 responses to “Mayor Fisona Releases Statement About EEOC Age Discrimination Suit

  1. The Mayor, Town Administrator, Town Attorney, and Board Members, other the new Board Members, need to resign. They are losing lawsuits one after another. Their mis-management is costing us all, and their credability is zero.

    • Chuck:
      One does have to wonder how such a small municipality gets involved in so many lawsuits. Right this evening we had tips on some more lawsuits that are in the works. We’re working on those and will publish the material once we verify the information provided by our informants through FOIA and attorneys.
      BTW, just to be fair and in the interest of balnced reporting since we try to present boths side. Someone Noticed would point out something. One of the board members has just been seated on the board so they he hasn’t had time to affect the governance of the municipality and it’s public policy and managerial practices.
      Also Commissioner Givens sometimes votes against the primary voting block. On one of the subjects that’s important to us open government and transparency, we often hear him disagree with the primary voting block as he objects to closed meetings, the limitations that are put public input and such.

  2. Why don’t the Mayor& Commissioners listen to the professionals, their lawyer,the administrator and human resourses. Are they threatened? None of the Mayor & Commissioners have any knowledge of municipal government. Stop acting like you know more than your paid advisors. Stop giving money away.

    • Very Concerned:
      Your question about why ask the professionals to provide technical guidance, before the politicians try to direct things is one that causes us to wonder too? It really would result in better public policy and day-to-day management and probably keep them out of court. The professionals had very little to do (if anything) with that Senior Housing tangle. That was all directed by the political leadership and such things repeat themselves.

      Intersting that they don’t see that opportunity to better manage the process and still largely get what they want, but with better outcomes.

  3. The Whig had the press release from the EEOC in today’s paper and the mayor informed them that the town doesn’t comment on personnel matters. We don’t know if there was more to the story since it was supposed to carry over to page 2, but didn’t make it into the paper. Perhaps tomorrow’s paper will have the remainder of the story, in case there were some quotes other than from the press release from the EEOC>

    Someone Noticed interviewed the lawyer from the EEOC today and so we’re working on an additional news piece. We’ve also exmained the charging document and pleadings which contain more information as submitted to the federal court.

    BTW, while we’re still working on this story, we had a call about the elimination of additional positions with the town. We’re working to verify that, rather than go with rumors and we’re waiting for a response from the mayor.

    Thus far the town has either eliminated or not filled five positions, but these rumors concern additional reductions involving staffed positions. More to follow.

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