Two Cecil County Banks Miss Treasury Department Payments

Two Cecil County Banks that took bailout money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program missed additional dividend payments to the federal government in August, according to the Daily Record.   Cecil Bancorp, parent of CecilBank, has now missed three payments, while Rising Sun Bancorp, the owners of NBRS Financial, has missed its fourth payment. If a bank misses six dividend payments the Treasury has the right to appoint two members to the company’s board of directors.


One response to “Two Cecil County Banks Miss Treasury Department Payments

  1. Is there no future for Cecil County? [sentence removed by Someone Noticed] What’s even scarier is Cecil County Comissioner/Cecil Bank V.P. Lockhart basically ran unopposed in primary election while NBRS Financial CEO Goldstein runs Cecil Chamber of Commerce. This is what happens when 1% of USA’s wealthy control 95% of all money. You want CHANGE? Start locally. I get tired of hearing about tax breaks for the wealthy while Cecil County Government wastes money on residential water meters at $1000 for each home and rents expensive billboards for art drawn by schoolchildren. Currently our local govt can’t get employers to move here so they are welcoming every federally subsidized housing project instead. No wonder Cecil is becoming a homeless hotspot. Wait and see what a casino will do for you, probably not as much as we are told.

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