Town Gives Nod to Serving Alcohol Outside for Trial Period at Biker Nights, in Split Vote

Elkton Town Meeting, Sept. 15, 2010 — Irishtown Brewing Company asked the town for permission to allow consumption of alcohol outside in the parking lot of the tavern at the corner of Elkton Blvd and Bridge Street in Elkton on bike nights.  If given the go-ahead, the establishment would allow those attending bike nights on Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to take drinks outside, Michael McKinney advised the board.

After listening to the request several elected officials had questions.  Asking for more detail, Commissioners Givens said “How will you police the event?”  As Michael outlined measures, including security and ongoing monitoring of activities, he assured the board anyone breaking rules was “out of there.”  That’s one of the reasons, he continued, “the point of sale of the alcohol will be inside” since it helps control things.    

After Commissioner Piner asked about concerns neighbors might have, Commissioner Givens followed up.   “Just to be clear you have not received a consensus from the neighborhood . . . I think there are a lot of people [living] behind you.  I think it’s important to talk to a lot of them.”  Michael said he would start right away.  “I wish that was last week” Commissioner Piner remarked.    “Anytime you mix alcohol and bikes, I’ve got a concern,” Commissioner Hicks added as he asked about clarification on the bike shows and bike nights.

Commissioner Jablonski drew on her experience as the director of the Elkton Alliance to urge the other elected officials to approve the request.  “I’m constantly asked for a bike show.  I think the word biker has changed over the past several years.  But there’s a lot of people that’s putting a lot of money in these bikes and they want to show them off.  I understand you are new in business and it is something that’s going to bring you business because I know how well we do downtown with the car show.  I think it’s something we should look at to see how it goes.  I understand where you’re coming from.”

After the queries were answered, Commissioner Jablonski moved to approve outside consumption of alcohol at Irishtown Brewing Company for a two-week trail and Commissioner Piner seconded the motion.  The request was approved in a split 3 to 2 vote as Mayor Fisona joined the other two in supporting the request.  Commissioners Givens and Hicks voted nay.

This is a standard voting block that frequently showed up under the old board as Commissioner Piner and Mayor Fisona followed Commissioner Jablonski’s lead.  Commissioner Givens voted independently, and while Mr. Hicks is new to the board he has twice taken independent stances as he weighed public policy questions.


3 responses to “Town Gives Nod to Serving Alcohol Outside for Trial Period at Biker Nights, in Split Vote

  1. As a resident of Elkton Heights I am VERY UNHAPPY about this… Bike Nights are not Bike Shows. If this is what I think it is, which is bikers hanging out in the parking lot drinking, then this is not what this town needs. I am not looking foward to the loud sound of motorcycles blaring through the neighborhood when my child is sleeping.

    • I thank K. Oconnell for stopping by this evening- NOBODY else did. I find it odd how something like this slips by everyone in the neighborhood and commissioners with absolutly NO NOTIFICATION from the Town of Elkton-whereas my fence and my temporary storage of neatly stacked windows on the side of my home (while doing fall planting) brought on multiple officers and public out cry! Are you kidding me?
      This is not a business located in a business strip along route 40 with little to know housing. This building’s “parking lot” edge is right next door- approximatly 40 feet from my driveway. Another home across the street is even closr. This is ridiculous! How I upkeep the Town’s ditch and where I place my own property is more essential to police and watch for than giving a business on the very edge of a huge neighborhood a free pass to “try having alcohol allowed outside and see how it goes” before checking with homeowners is pure insanity!
      I highly doubt this would have passed if one of the approving commissioners’ homes were where I am or if they, like K. O’Connell had young children that would be asleep at that time of night when everyone would be revving engines to leave. Not to mention how many will cruise through the neighborhood for a short cut out or men relieving themselves along the tree line at my back yard!

  2. K O’Connell
    The question about bike nights and bike shows was something Commissioner Hicks specifically brought up when his turn came as he had a number of questions for the company. “I hear a bike show and I hear a bike night. Are you going to be doing the same or having two different events?” Mr. Hicks asked. “The first time, it’s a bike show, but we were planning on doing the bike night every Tuesday,” was the answerer.

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