Cecil County FOP Lodge Endorses Chris Sutton for Sheriff

Press Release — Fraternal Order of Police Cecil Co. Lodge # 2  

The Cecil County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 2 proudly announces our endorsement of Chris Sutton for Sheriff of Cecil County. The FOP is deeply concerned over many festering problems which the current administration is either unable or unwilling to resolve. The most significant of these issues, which have had a detrimental impact on the citizens and agency morale, are:  

  •  A 26% increase in violent crime with no strategic plan to combat this disturbing trend. Chris Sutton has produced such a plan and will immediately implement it, positively impacting the safety of our community.
  • A re-active, rather than pro-active approach to policy. A glaring example being that although our neighboring jurisdictions in Harford County and Elkton showed significant reductions in officer / suspect injuries during arrests after purchasing Tasers, the Sheriff’s Office refused to follow suit until 4 deputies in one summer were seriously injured while arresting violent offenders. Chris Sutton has committed to a pro-active stance in officer safety and criminal suppression.
  • An outdated rotating work schedule that places undue strain on a deputy’s mind, body, and family life. While the current sheriff has repeatedly promised over the last four years to rectify this, he has not and recently shifted gears in a written candidates’ forum, stating that he now supports the current schedule.. Chris Sutton has committed to alternatives, such as the 12-hour schedule already used by Elkton Police and many other agencies, which have proven to increase manpower, morale, and work productivity as well as reduce overtime and work related accidents and injuries associated with fatigue.
  • The refusal of the sheriff to honor his commitment to support collective bargaining with binding arbitration for his deputies – an issue he campaigned on twice. Even more disturbing was his callous acknowledgement that he “lied” to his deputies (Cecil Whig 03/15/10) when seeking our endorsement, which the FOP entrusted to him twice.

Complete honesty is an integral part of a police officer’s job and we expect nothing less from our leaders. Cops don’t like to be lied to and this endorsement is not only, in effect, a vote of no confidence in the current sheriff but, more importantly, a vote of confidence in Chris Sutton, and his commitment to the deputies and citizens of Cecil County. Who better to lead the Sheriff’s Office than the deputies who take the fight to the streets every day? The FOP stands firmly behind Chris and his strategic plan to move our agency forward and make our communities safe again.  

Screen shot of the Sutton for Sheriff web site.


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  2. Bill, we haven’t added the like buttton yet, but I guess we should do so. Thanks for reading this citizen journalism site.

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