Delaware Avenue Floods While Power Outages Are Limited

This Thursday evening, as the midnight hour approaches Cecil County and the forecast says we have hours of torrential rains on the way, the disruptions across the Elkton area have been relatively minor.  Delaware Avenue, the street that typical has the Big Elk Creek rushing over the roadway almost as soon as storm clouds appear was quickly overcome by the heavy moisture dumped on the area by the tropical storm.  By 2:00 p.m. this afternoon highway crews had erected barriers and vehicles were finding other routes around town.

In August the roadway was elevated and drainage in the area was improved to reduce the frequency of minor flooding, but the rain from this tropical storm has brought 2.83-inches of rain to Elkton thus far today according to Weather Bug. 

At 11:30 p.m. Delmarva Power reported only a few small interruptions in the county.  Ninety-five customers out of over 44,000 are without service this evening. Those households are concentrated in the central and eastern parts of Cecil, as well as Rising Sun.


3 responses to “Delaware Avenue Floods While Power Outages Are Limited

  1. Is that Pipkin’s sign waving truck in the pic?

  2. Since Delaware Avenue is in the SMIPKIN District, maybe they could huff and puff and blow the water out of there. We need action, not slogans and sign waving and frivilous lawsuits.

  3. Did the state dump all that silt in the NEW ditch. It also looks like they did a good job plowing the new sod under. That didn’t last a month! Several years ago the town paid $200,000 for a new conversion dam out at Farr Creek and a storm took it completely out in less than a week. Try Fail;Try Fail;Try Succeed. I am waiting for the succeed.

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