News Update: Economic Development Comments on Providing Assistance to Political Group Conducting BRAC Tour

This is a quick update concerning assistance Economic development provided a group seeking to sway voters in the upcoming election.  Before lunch Tuesday, the Director of the Dept. returned our call and answered the questions we had about the matter from Economic Development’s perspective.  Around 8:00 a.m. this morning a reader, Howard, wrote in to ask why we hadn’t posted a news story on our interview.  He wanted to know if we were trying to make it appear that Economic Development wasn’t being responsive.  In a quick post update, we provided the inquiring reader, who has been following this particularly topic most carefully and adding regular comments, with a summary of our discussion.  We will be producing a full news story on the interview.  We’re also sourcing this piece from a number of other angels, in order to wrap up the complete piece and move on to charter.  Meanwhile if you want to see our summary notes to Howard click on this link here.  A full, more carefully constructed story will follow as we always try to present both sides.  Beyond our signed news stories, we sometimes provide editorial opinions and when we do that we clearly identify the column as an editorial.


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