Bill Hughes Gazette: Paddle Up Service in Downtown Elkton

From Bill Hughes Gazette ———–

Whenever there is a ton of rain up north, there’s only one place it is going to go and that’s downhill. Last Thursday and Friday’s relentless rain came up the east coast and saturated the area so much that once again overflowing caused extensive flooding in our county.

One of the busiest roads is Bridge Street in Elkton. Howard Street by the Eder Park little league fields was under several feet of water, as was Delaware Avenue which is never a surprise to locals in the Elkton area when more than half a foot of rain comes this way. Many Elkton residents were wondering about the newly heightened road construction that was designed to help alleviate the problem. According to Elkton Mayor Joseph Fisona, the construction was designed for 3-4 inches of rain and not the 7 that we had.

“It was coming down in buckets,” he said about Thursday night’s downpours.
Rescue boats from Singerly, Water Witch in Port Deposit and North East were busy as they went out and checked to make sure no one was stranded.

article continues, with photo, on Bill Hughes Gazette


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