Elkton Workshop Includes Important Discussions: Blight Ordinance, Rental Housing Ordinance & More

 The Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton will meet on Wed., Oct. 13, 2010, at 4:00 p.m., at the town hall.  In this workshop session, the board is considering new legislation that’s important to the town.  Public policy matters under consideration include the blight ordinance, new laws for rental housing, and a few other matters.  (See the full agenda bel0w.)

The town cited its blight reduction policy in Dec. 2009 as justification for waiving fees for the Senior Housing project.  After the controversial decision was made using the blight control policy as a reason for approving the waiver of $150,000 in major facilities fees, Someone Noticed decided the policy was worthy of a news story.  Periodically when we checked in we were told that the elusive policy was still being developed and hadn’t moved beyond the conceptual phase.  So it appears, provided a citizen is attending the meeting, people will finally get an idea of the commissioners Dec. 2009 strategy for blight removal, as the elected leaders finally begin a public discussion on the legislation.

In the meantime two citizens sued the commissioners over that decision.  After getting hauled into Circuit Court and having the trial get underway, the town board admitted it had exceeded its authority.

Mayor Fisona has added another challenge for anyone hoping to stay informed about these important new ordinances so they could provide input during the development phase.  Abruptly a few months ago, the mayor reversed a long time practice of recording the town meetings so interested parties could observe or listen to the policy discussion.  It is these workshops that are the most important for anyone trying to understand the town’s thinking on things for once it gets to the regular board meeting, it’s typically involves a vote affiriming the decison that was made in the workshop and almost no discussion.

As an added public service, Someone Noticed will video tape the meeting and stream it on the Net, to replace another informational roadblock the town has erected. 

————————— Elkton Announcement

A workshop of the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton scheduled for Wednesday, October 13, 2010, at 4:00 P.M., in the Elkton Municipal Building Meeting Room, 100 Railroad Avenue, Elkton, Maryland 21921. • Discussion – Blight Ordinance

• Discussion – Ordinance 9-2010 Traffic Violation

• Discussion – Welcome to Main Street Archway

• Discussion – Rental Housing Ordinance


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