There’s So Much News If Someone Would Publish It

Someone Noticed has had some feedback that we’re falling behind on our budget of Elkton news.  We haven’t forgotten our primary mission, the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton” and are fully aware of several stories that deserve attention.  But county government keeps making what should have been a story that could have been straightened out by now grow more tangled so it has us distracted just a little.

We’ll get back to our budget of regular Elkton stories soon as there are some newsworthy happenings.  Elkton’s working on finally getting its blight reduction policy in place and establishing an enforceable housing ordinance.  The board discussed that at its last meeting, the one where citizens aren’t allowed to have input.  This important matter caused a heated exchange when an interested member of the audience wasn’t allowed to provide some input or remarks.  Elkton greatly restricts the time one is allowed to comment, that period usually occurring after the board has voted on a matter.  But this piece of legislation probably requires a public hearing once it’s drafted. 

We’re also aware of another lawsuit the town just lost and we also need to check in on where the federal suit stands to see if a date has been scheduled.  Beside that there’s a full story that should be done about how many legal tangles the board has found itself in over the past three years, how many they’ve lost and how many are pending.  The number of suits is the highest it has ever been for the town and one has to wonder what’s the cause of that?

So much news if someone would print it!

We’re working on it digitally and will be back with more Elkton news shortly.  Also more to come on the county charter thing as the board has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the matter Tuesday morning.


2 responses to “There’s So Much News If Someone Would Publish It

  1. patrick j ulrich

    It seems strange thea the town commissioiners are having so many lawsuits. Maybe they should discuss more town business in public so folks likw you can warn us of impending regulations and laws thet don’t solve any problems, just like the last landord illfatted loaws they tried to pass 3 or 4 years ago. The town has enough regs now to accomplish what they want, however they do not charge prpoerty owners anything. Also, ask about what the town inspecter is doing by slapping coondemned sighns on properties that do not meet any where near that.

    • Pat:

      Thanks for posting. We’ll get up a detailed piece on this latest series of ordinances they’re working on (blight & rental housing) as there’s some important public info there. Elkton really needs to create transparency in government so it can get public input ahead of time. That would help a lot with the suits. Also the number of suits they’ve been engaged in and generally lost has been amazing. We think we’ll do a full story going back over a couple of years about those. Largely people aren’t aware of how many suits they’ve had since most of them don’t made the newspaper. Thanks for sharing your comments.

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