Shortly After County Calls Meeting to Inquire About BRAC Bus Tour, Cecil Times Reports County Has Concluded Economic Development Provided No Support to Political Group

Less than 48 hours after Cecil County Government announced it was going to meet Tuesday to examine questions related to figuring out if there was any county involvement with handing over a profit-making BRAC bus tour to a political group, the blogosphere carried a report saying the county has finished its work.  As part of the fact-finding examination to help sort thing out, Al Wein emailed people connected with the matter Friday, requesting that they attend a workshop so “that this matter may be fully vetted.”  But now that it reported according to county sources that there was “no inappropriate activities” we’re checking to see if the vetting process got wrapped up early.

The Sunday afternoon a Cecil Time’s tweet, saying the county has found no inappropriate activities as a result of its investigation, apparently updates things after Al Wein sent his Friday request for the commissioners.  Quoting informed source, the blog adds: “The County will also report that neither the Commissioners not the office of Economic development was involved in any activities supporting ‘Friends of Charter.’”

We’re checking with the county to verify things and see if we can also get a copy of the fact-finding report.  Commissioner Lockhart advised Someone Noticed earlier that he would instruct Economic Development to prepare a memo detailing whatever the circumstances were.  Or if a written report isn’t available, comments from an on-the-record spokesperson would be helpful as we rush toward election-day and the story continues to take surprise turns.

Part of the web site listing the county as contact for the Last Hurrah Bus Tour


7 responses to “Shortly After County Calls Meeting to Inquire About BRAC Bus Tour, Cecil Times Reports County Has Concluded Economic Development Provided No Support to Political Group

  1. I did say I wouldn’t be posting again but this one is just too obvious. The unprofessional actions by the Cecil County Commissioners and CecilTimes is NO suprise . It seems to me IT PAYS TO HAVE FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES. Am I correct Commissioner Robert Hodge?

    • Bee…Why not wait until your presentation on Tuesday at 10:00 AM to state your concerns? Maybe Cecil Times is wrong.

      • Howard Beale, For the first time you are correct the Ceciltimes is wrong.And you are very wrong I will not be at the meeting, You seem to have a one track mind, everyone is Smigiel. Don’t you have anything of interest to say?

  2. Bee…………….I didn’t mention Smigiel. Others are scheduled to speak as well as Smigiel.

  3. Mike,
    Let it go. You are beating a dead horse.
    I think it is time you start a discussion about Charter as the ballot issue.
    Big Mikey will come here to huff and puff enough for everyone.

    • Raoul:
      Let’s just let it play out. The asking of important, reasonable questions contributes to the quality of government as officials should know that inquiring minds will ask things and stick with the query. It is something we want, to keep a balance in things. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, as long as they’re reasonable and asked in a civil sort of way. It does make for better government Raoul.

      Let’s see how this came about.
      1. After determining the a BRAC bus tour was the source for financing the campaign, two county officials explain why the Friends of Charter were allowed to handle this tour.
      2. That brings up a line of questions about why government would have any involvement in handing off a profit making bus tour to a political group. The questions simply seek to straighten that out.
      3. Economic Development then reports it had asbolutely no involvement with bus tours, couldn’t hand them off to anyone.
      4. In checking published print media sources, reviewing broadcast outlets, and surfing over to web sites, there are plenty of sources that seem to indicate a connection.
      5. Asking to see some documentation, say from federal officials, the county advises there there is no correspondence or emails with the federal government!
      6. Okay so how was it that the federal government came to identify the Friends of Cecil County Charter (or someone else) as the group to handle a profit making tour or did the Friends call someone at Fort Monmouth to volunteer directly.

      Raoul these are reasonable, basic questions that became much more tangled than they should have.
      What I’d encourage the county government to do is when these things come up, don’t make them drag out over nearly four weeks as we rush toward the election. If I were the county and had the explanations to those, I’d just rush them out there, and put a story to rest.
      So after nearly 4 weeks of trying to get answers to these basic questions, I guess we’ll see how the script plays out.

      Since you seem to also be aware of what’s going to happen, could you share your insight as this as been underway for nearly a month. I talked to the county administrator this morning to see if I could get some of that info that seems to be out there. I asked about a copy of the fact-finding report or a statement and he says things or still on for the “vetting” process. He says Erika, Vernon, and Joyce will be there to make statements about the matter.
      Since reasonable questions have been raised, let’s just hear the answers and if they put this to rest, that will be wonderful.
      Raoul you want citizens to keep an eye on things. It provides a balance, making for good government. That’s something in these days that we all need, to know that government in listening and responding. It also has to know that inquiries will be generated and someone will stick to them.
      Think of how important that watchdog role (one that used to be addressed by legacy media) will be under charter.
      If acceptable answers are there, we’ll be one of the first to say so.

    • Raoul:
      If you or the Friends would like to submit a piece supporting charter, we’d be pleased to have that and move it up to the front news section. We agreed there definitely needs to be more discussion on that. We do require that those submissions be signed. thanks

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