Comm. Hodge & Co. Adm. Say County Hasn’t Made its Determination About Campaign Finance Question

The fact-finding by the commissioners related to assessing county involvement (if any) in handing over a BRAC bus tour to a political group is still on and the questions remain unsettled, the county administrator and Commissioner Hodge advised.    Our call on this came about Sunday after “informed sources” told the Cecil Times that the county has already concluded its determination, “the county finds no inappropriate activities.”  Since a range of people (county staff to interested parties) had been asked to attend the Tuesday fact-finding meeting, so the commissioners could explore this matter, we wondered if it was still on.

Al Wein, the county administrator, said there is no report available and as far as he was aware staff was going to be there to explain the situation to the Board.  Other than that piece of information, there was nothing else he was aware of to share with us.

Commissioner Hodge also responded promptly to our query and said he was unaware of where the published report from an “informed source” was coming from as the meeting to do fact-finding and sort things out was still on.  He added Economic Development and the Friends of Charter would be there to make statements to the elected officials and answer questions from the board.   Involved parties will be able to ask questions, as the board works to understand the matter and straighten it out.  The Commissioner emphasized again, that he’s disappointed to hear the initial story about the BRAC bus tour and wants to hear statements and responses to questions in order to get this cleared up. He also emphasized that he would have perferred to hear much more about the pros and cons related to charter government, rather than how the committee financed its campaign to convince people to vote yes on charter.

We should note that Commissioner Hodge, on this and any other issue we’ve ever raised is quick to respond to citizens.  In a matter that has had far too many twists and turns, and simply needed straighten out, we appreciate this call as it helps to clarify the latest twist while trying to pin down a few basic queries.

Economic Development newsletter says CCOOED is offering "modified tours," is one of the publications that caused more questions after co said it had no involvement with bus tours.


4 responses to “Comm. Hodge & Co. Adm. Say County Hasn’t Made its Determination About Campaign Finance Question

  1. The Cecil Times (editor Nancy S) just got thrown under the bus it seems. I wonder if she would be interested in telling us who gave her the early release (information). I know I would. It makes readers think several times before we can believe any of her postings.

  2. Diane Carabetta

    Okay, so what was the outcome of the 10 a.m. meeting today? Was anything resolved? Did the parties go away satisfied that everything was in order?

  3. Mike,
    If you want to be the alternative news source and make use of New Media, then you better start.

    After all the hoopla you instigated, to be absent from comment many hours after the Tuesday morning meeting is not a good sign of your commitment to change.

    Do we have to wait for the Whig or grapevine to find out what happened? Let’s see some of the oomph you tout. The internet is instantaneous. You are behind. Even a tweet from the meeting posted here would have been nice.

    If watchdog journalism…you are being watched.

    • Raoul:

      Always glad to hear we “are being watched” Raoul!
      We’re also pleased to have such regular, long-time readers down your way too. We’re working on the piece now and there were so many camcorders rolling today, including the Cecil Whig, you know there’s going to be video out there.

      After one blog reported that the matter had already been settled and the county had made its determination I was curious about how balanced the very open investigation was going to be. I don’t know that we would’ve handled it this way (far simpler to answer those basic questions sooner & out without escalating it to such a public venue & level) but, it the process was fair and open to figuring it out, finally.

      At the end of it the very open investigation that took four weeks of building escalation, President Lockhart concluded the meeting by saying, “Now what do we have to do to fix this? Have them return the money?”

      We’re working on it now as we work to get a balanced piece out there. All the print media was there too, along with other bogs,

      Anyway Raoul, thanks for reading down your way.

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