New Local Blog Takes on Tea Party & O’Malley

Ed Okonowicz, who is also a columnist for the Cecil Whig, has created a presence in the blogosphere.   His new site is Red Righter and we see he has posted a local piece on the Tea Party, while also posting another piece on on Governor O’Malley and the gubernatorial debate.


Cecil Tea Party Patriots Leaves Voters Guessing

Only a few weeks remain until Election Day, when an energized and disgusted electorate exercises its opportunity to throw the bums out (but leave too many other bums in their entrenched positions of power). Unless you’ve awakened from a two-year coma, you’re aware the upstart Tea Party movement has achieved astounding success and become a recognized force in American politics. Local, state, regional and national offshoots of the anti-big-government, grassroots movement—independent of nationally directed leadership—have been responsible for unimaginable and shocking upsets in 2010’s early elections and primary contests.

Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts, plus primary successes of Rand Paul in Kentucky, Sharon Engle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware are races where disgruntled citizens wielded political muscle under the Tea Party banner.

The final act of this year’s political drama occurs Nov. 2. Late that night, dedicated Tea Party activists and supporters will await results to see if their choices to help mend a crumbling country will head to Washington, the state house or the local town hall.

But not in Cecil County.

article continues here


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