Someone Noticed Plans Election-Day Coverage, As Cecil County Residents Have Lots of Way to Stay Informed Tuesday

As voters who have probably had enough of dueling advertisements, confusing claims, and bitter electioneering, get ready to have the final say Tuesday, Someone Noticed is planning real-time election-day coverage. During the day, we’ll do a few routine updates from polling places while staying in contact with election officials so if something important happens we’ll break into the blogosphere with a news-flash. After the polls close at 8:00 p.m., Someone Noticed will start blogging live, reporting real-time election news as election officials tally results.

Someone Noticed uses the latest web 2.0 technology, including smart phones and wireless laptops, so we’re able to report instantly from any spot as news happens.  We also have capability to provide live audio, video, or photo coverage as appropriate, but we’ll concentrate on tallies in order to get those results out as quickly as they’re released. During the hours immediately after the polls close, the results come in fast so that’ll keep us busy.

Cecil County residents will have plenty of ways to stay informed on Election Day. Baltimore broadcast outlets are going to provide minute-by-minute coverage of state-wide races. Locally, the election board has a website where  results will be posted as they are received. The county page on the web will become active once the first results are received. Here’s the link for the Board of Elections results page.

We’ll be there too covering news about the numbers as they come in and helping readers interpret the information the election board posts. Those election board tallies are hard to interpret unless one is familiar with the precinct numbering system, and procedural methods that used to get the tabulations. Thus we’ll provide commentary on that and notes on what’s happening at the election board.

So readers in Cecil County will have lots of ways to stay informed election day. Tuesday evening keep an eye on the Baltimore television stations for state-wide and national results, and surf over to Someone Noticed and the election board sites periodically to get real-time Cecil County results.


2 responses to “Someone Noticed Plans Election-Day Coverage, As Cecil County Residents Have Lots of Way to Stay Informed Tuesday

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