The Examiner: Elkton is Calling to Share it’s Art With Visitors

From the Examiner —

By Gibson Goff

Anyone that travels from Wilmington to their boats on the Chesapeake knows about Elkton.

Just across the Maryland line in Cecil County and at the intersection of US 40 and every local road leading to the bay, it’s usually just a passing glance out the car window. That’s too bad, because the real magic of the area is downtown, where ‘The Arts Are Alive in Elkton’.

Steeped in rich history there are beautiful buildings in the grand Georgian style of architecture. The Mitchell House was used as a hospital to treat Continental Army troops during the Revolutionary War. Lining Main Street are historic wedding chapels. Until 1938 weddings could happen immediately after buying the license, making Elkton one of the wedding capitals of the east. The stone buildings lining the streets are the perfect backdrop to the most notable attraction – the painted elks.

As you walk through town you’ll see huge, fiberglass statues of elk painted in every way imaginable. They are all purchased and painted by local citizens as a show of support for their town Elk-ton, originally called ‘Head Of Elk’ because of the short distance down the Elk River to the Chesapeake Bay.

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