Red Righter: Robo Call Confusion Upsets Cuffs

Red Righter is out with a Cuff’s take on the election.  He’s miffed over these Robo Calls causing him to miss Pat Boone and some other things


From Red Righter —- Off the Cuffs

 With an anguished sigh, my friend said he was fine until earlier in the day, when his drinking friend Benny Riddles said he had gotten a call from Pat Boone, urging him to vote in the upcoming election.

I was under the impression that Cuffs was a John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson type of guy. So his sadness at having been overlooked by a political robo-call from the 1950s, sweater-wearing crooner was a big surprise.

“These things are only recordings,” I told Cuffs. Trying to explain they are sent electronically to thousands of residents, urging them to vote for certain causes and candidates.

Looking at me with a pitiful expression, Cuffs said, “Whaddaya think I am, and idiot. I know all that. It’s just that during the last week, I’ve heard from Andy Harris, Frank Kratovil, Nancy Jacob’s husband. He called me three times. Art Helton, plus friends of people running for Orphan’s Court, Clerk of the Peace and other political jobs I never heard of and don’t care a fig about. It’s an annoyance.”

click here for the full story over on Red Righter


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