Final Results for This Evening — All Reporting Locations Are In

All reporting precincts are in for this evening.  Tomorrow will start the count of the absentee and provisional ballots.  We clipped some of the major races below and look for additional information tomorrow.  Officials did mention that there are a large number of provisional ballots, but additional details weren’t available.  There are also about 1,000 absentee ballots that will need to be counted.

Click here for the details on all the local races

Piner, Earl M Sr. DEM 11222 40.62%
Moore, Tari REP 16384 59.31%
Write-in Votes   19 0.07%

Lockhart, Brian DEM 11942 43.50%
Dunn, Michael W. REP 15497 56.45%
Write-in Votes   15 0.05%
Roberts, Carl DEM 12443 45.01%
Broomell, Diana REP 15185 54.93%
Write-in Votes   18 0.07%

Charter Question
Yes   14477 58.35%
No   10334 41.65%

5 responses to “Final Results for This Evening — All Reporting Locations Are In

  1. Citizen Know Nothing

    the Cecil County Question deserves better coverasge. Candidates for office come and go from election to election but the Charter question represents a fundamental shift in the type of government in Ccecil County.

  2. Thank you, Mike, for providing this election night service.

  3. For several years I have taken pride in the fact that a dedicated team of election day workers has worked out of my law offices to quickly and efficiently get the election results out to the public.

    We took pride in getting the final numbers out long before the election board could, not because they were slow, they just had more they were required to do than we were.

    During this year’s primary it became clear that technology had advanced to where the efficiency of the election board combined with the professionalism with which you operated during the elections made it unnecessary for us to go through the exercise of implementing a redundant system. So this year we decided to enjoy the general election and let Mike Dixon report the results to us.

    What a great job and a fantastic service you provided.

    Thank You Michael for your valuable service to the public.

    Delegate Michael D. Smigiel, Sr

  4. General George Armstrong Custer

    General Custer reporting for duty:

    The Dems made the same mistake I did at Little Big Horn when said:


  5. Please Mr. Custer I don’t wanna go.
    Look at them buses out there.
    They’re moving.
    There’s a Smipkin behind everyone.
    There’s Smipkins out there.

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