Moore, Dunn, Broomell Ahead in Commissioners Race with 39% Reporting

At 9:45 p.m. the election board is reporting that results are in from Early Voting, Bohemia Manor, Perryville Middle School, North East Fire Hall, Elk Neck Elementary, Cecil Manor, and Bainbridge.  Some more results are getting processed right now, but with these in here is how some key races stack-up for the commissioners race.  These numbers represent 39% of the locations that are scheduled to report, so look for additional information as it arrives.

Lockhart, Brian DEM 5035 45.10%
Dunn, Michael W. REP 6122 54.84%
Write-in Votes   7 0.06%
Roberts, Carl DEM 5285 47.23%
Broomell, Diana REP 5895 52.69%
Write-in Votes
Piner, Earl M Sr. DEM 4897 43.39%
Moore, Tari REP 6384 56.57%
Write-in Votes   5 0.04%

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