Much Larger Turnout for General Election

Across the county today polling places are reporting a much heavier turnout as people get out and vote. At 11:00 a.m. the election board reports that 7,088 people have cast ballots today.  That more than doubles the primary, which stood at 3,310 at the same time.

At 12:00 p.m. Cherry Hill  voter, John Carpenter,  said he waited in line about 15 minutes at the northeastern Cecil County precinct.    While lines weren’t being reported at other places, there was a bustle of activity as citizens came out to be heard on the candidates and the issues.                       

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One response to “Much Larger Turnout for General Election

  1. I went in to vote at Cherry Hill around 8:15 AM, and didn’t wait at all, but there were a few people there.

    One thing to note –the election judges were being obnoxious about taking off campaign stickers when going in to vote when I voted here 2 years ago, but this morning I didn’t even get a comment!! I was glad to see a better, less overbearing attitude in this regard.

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