Red Righter: A Good Night in Red County

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Wow. I thought I lived in Texas when I saw our county’s election results on the front page of the Cecil Whig. Of the two columns of candidates—left side for Dems and right side for GOP—there were only three lonely checkmarks for the left-wingers and 18 victories—within Cecil County—for the Republicans. It was a good night to wear red.

Plus, if the “we don’t endorse” Cecil County Patriots would have come out and publicly supported Ted Patterson, he might have knocked off Dave Rudolph, longtime Democrat in the House of Delegates, District 34B. With that contest’s victory won by only 321 votes, the local, flag-waving, conservative group missed a major opportunity to exercise its power in this year’s election. Maybe it leaders will change its do-nothing policy in 2012—or maybe there will be a change in its leadership. We’ll all have to wait and see.

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  1. Red Righter doesn’t seem to grasp the Cecil County Patriots’ philosophy on endorsements. Rather than have the organization endorse individual candidates by name, they work hard as individuals to support those candidates they view as consistent with their values. The organization remains cohesive by eliminating the in-fighting which results from creating factions supporting different candidates It is insulting to state that they have a “do-nothing” policy when they spend so much time working at the grassroots level to advance their cause. Cyber chatter is easy, field work is hard. Ted Patterson might have knocked off Rudolph if he had worked harder. The last post on his facebook page was in August. He avoided public forums and failed to respond to requests for information by community groups. He received his votes from an anti-incumbent, anti-Democrat electorate. The Cecil County Patriots leadership is well respected in politically savvy groups throughout the county.

  2. Mr. Amato,
    You obviously do not understand the basics of effective politics. The Patriots worked to support a candidate, Mike Dawson (the independant not the republican Mike Dawson) either knowing or not realizing that he could not possibly win but rather could only take votes that would otherwise go to the equally true conservative candidate, Mr. Ted Patterson. By doing this the Patriots guaranteed that a liberal incumbent who has a record of voting for tax increases would win the race.
    The author of the Article, A Good Night in Red County, is spot on with his or her analysis of the situation.

    Shame on the leadership of those groups who would rather settle personality disputes rather than further the causes they profess to stand for. Those who
    can not look past their petty disputes for the good of the cause of liberty are no better than those who are high profile Republicans and choose to endorse Democrats publicly.

    Your saying the Cecil County Patriots leadership is well respected in politically savvy groups throughout the county does not make it so. The biggest, politically savvy supporter of the Patriots today is certainly Delegate Dave Rudolph because he has the Patriots to thank for the more than 700 votes that the Patriot’s candidate, Mr Dawson took from the equally conservative Republican Ted Patterson.

  3. Howard, just because someone doesn’t show up at a Patriot’s event doesn’t constitute “lack of hard work”. It’s a bit of self-centered view of Cecil County politics, don’t you think?

    Perhaps I’ll ask you the question — when was the last time you called Ted? The fact is that, as everyone who supported Ted knows, Jillian and Ted both have made huge time and effort sacrifices to go door-to-door to talk to Cecil County residents. He also attended a large number of community events all throughout this campaign (at which I know for a fact that many Patriots members attended).

    Bottom line: Look at the numbers. You can’t ignore what is clearly there. Had the Patriots not gone of the reservation with their endorsement of a completely unknown, last minute, low resources candidate, Ted Patterson would have won. Any intelligent, politically savvy person knows that to support Mike Dawson was to support Dave Rudolph.

    I don’t doubt that Mike Dawson was an excellent candidate. I don’t even claim he was un-electable (I don’t know). The unfortunate thing is that Ted Patterson is a very strong conservative (fiscal and social) conservative with the utmost credibility and the strongest credentials when it comes to respect and defense for the constitution and for limited government. There was no credible reason for any conservative to not support him and get everyone else behind him!

    Again, a vote for Dawson may have well been a good, principled vote, but in this 3 way race, it was clearly for nothing. I won’t criticize a citizen’s choice to vote for him (it was their right). But I WILL criticize the Patriot leadership for their misguided strategy of splitting the vote away from Ted Patterson. Why they did it is really irrelevant.

    All they did was give Rudolph (and us) 4 more years to spend and tax.

    Thanks for nothing!

    • If the Patriots were neutral, how did they hurt others ?

    • Josue,
      Why are you lying to the readers here by telling people that the Patriots endorsed when we did not? You know better than that, and frankly I’m surprised at your poor display of character here. I know you are upset that after not being granted with an endorsement for Ted after begging for it several times online. I explained to you why that was an impossibility. You know very well that we did not endorse in that race, or any other race. The closest we came to an “endorsement” was publicly stating that we supported Andy Harris’ platform and record over Frank Kratovil’s. Those who won in Cecil County on Tuesday, did so through their own efforts. By the way, the direction and policies of our group is determined by its active members, the 60-70 who show up at meetings each month, and those who volunteer their time and sweat to our cause. It is incredibly easy and tactless to stand on the outside and cast stone. However, if you would like to have a real impact, then put your body where your mouth is.

      • Jillian Patterson

        Josue is not lying–he is interpreting your actions differently than you do. The endorsement may not have been official, Jackie, but there was definitely an unofficial endorsement and active support/promotion of the third party candidate (from you and many others in the Patriots leadership and membership) in the 34B delegate race whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not. If a person is willing to work to send a liberal democrat to Annapolis instead of a conservative republican (whether that is by directly working for the democrat or by working to split the vote by supporting a third party candidate makes no difference), one has no choice but to question that person’s conservative principles.

  4. You’re right. I was wrong to have said “do nothing.” I should have said “share nothing.” These “I’ve Got a Secret” and “Don’t Tell Interested Voters” approaches don’t help anyone and create confusion. That’s why the Tea Party Tested/Approved controversy erupted. Experienced politicians filled the void the Patriots left wide open, and the Tested/Approved folks benefitted. If the flag waving group had shared their knowledge and made endorsements—like every other activist group from the NRA to NEA, Go Greenies and Tea Party Express—the local group would have had more of a local and statewide impact. Of course, field work is hard, but why perform the hard work if you sit on the sidelines on Election Day? If you want to inform voters and nothing more, the League of Women Voters is looking for interested volunteers.

    • Please do not compare us to the League of Women Voters. We provided plenty of guidance so that anyone who cared to spend a few minutes looking, could find out what they needed to know about most pertinent races to make an informed decision. Of course it would be difficult for someone who has never attended an event, meeting, or signed up for our email updates and monthly newsletter to know that. But as the old saying goes, you can take the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The same goes for voting. We did our part, and I think the results were good, but that will be really determined in the months ahead as we hold our elected officials to a high standard. We are not like the NEA, NRA, or any other PAC or single issue lobbying group. TEA party groups across the board do not endorse, (we actually went further than most with our Andy Harris statement) but I think looking at the elections nationwide on Tuesday, suggesting that we weren’t effective is ludicrous. The TEA party is made up of grassroots movers and shakers who will be the ones to restore this nation back to the values that made it great, and we plan on continuing to move and shake in the weeks and months ahead.

  5. Just to offer an update related to these developments. My friend Cuffs, who is a North Street Hotel regular, just told me he was passing Dave Rudolph’s campaign office. Cuffs said the UPS man was carting out several boxes of expensive chocolates, three bouquets of flowers and a Gadsden flag, all addressed to the Cecil County Patriots for the boost they provided his campaign victory. For more details on Cuffs and other conservative commentary, feel free to visit I could use the traffic.

  6. SMIPKINS…PLEASE APPOINT A SPOKESPERSON. I can’t follow all your attacks.

  7. Pipkin Pimps… Please explain why Ted Paterson lost.

  8. Look what happened with out help of Patriots that say they are tea party for this county. Real conservatives that will do the right thing got elected. Those Republicans and Democrats that are allright with taking more of my money mostly got turned out. Look at Rudolph. All I ever hear is about everything Dave does for this county. How come he almost lost then. Wasn’t the only one that got past us true conservatives as there are some Republicans that like government the way it is. That will show in time if you don’t know what I say. If the Patriots had been in the game you just look what would have happened. Mainly did good without them. Just could have added a couple of more men and made it complete.

  9. Thank you, Josue, for your logical analysis of the situation. The amount of vinegar spilled above blurs the issues.

  10. Bee,
    Do you not understand satire and witty rejoinders?

    Loosen up for now. You probably think you won.

    • Raoul, Smipkin pimps,Smipkin is witty? I don think so. It is my opinion you and/or Beale are not witty infact your remarks are more like dimwitty’s. I voted for Pipkin, Smigiel, Dunn and Broomell. That makes me a winner.

      • Bee, oh Bee,
        In case you hadn’t notice, Charter Government WON by a very large margin. Your votes, in a short while, will be rendered meaningless.

        Get a grip and get used to it. I for one am looking forward to the new transparency promised, but sad that it is probably just another campaign promise.

        Good ole Smipkindunell politics in action. Get elected, forget your promises, disregard deception and fulfill your backroom deals.

        • Roual oh Roual, Yes, Charter did win big. You get a grip and get use to it as the Charter win just opened a large barrel of worms for all Cecil County. Your last remarks get elected, Forget YOUR promises, disregard deception,fulfill YOUR backroom deals I do not understand. To Whom are you talking to? I didn’t get elected to anything. You are as confused about me as you are in regards to all your comments.

        • Jacque Broomell

          I would not be so quick to lump Diana Broomell in with Pipkin, Smigiel and Dunn.

        • Oh Bee,

          Of course my last remarks were not referring to you, but rather those who you proclaimed to have voted for. Do I really have to explain?

          OK… SMIgiel, piPKIN, DUNn, broomELL. You are not included except for your vote. They are lumped as a single minded entity. I would through in Mullin, the funds channel, but he gets enough abuse.

          As for Charter, what do you mean by ‘barrel of worms’?

        • Mike and Bee,
          Mike: I would like to know how Jackie Broomell knew about the Broomell inclusion before my break down of Smipkindunell was posted.

          Bee: still waiting on the ‘barrel of worms’ explanation. Could the problem be that you can’t get talking points from smipkindunell?

        • Raoul, I have my reply to you, but since you are such an OBNOXIOUS, NEGATIVE person I will not respond to your questions.You have the right to your opinions but you DO NOT have the right to degrade, insult,disrespect others. Until you grow up and act /comment like a human being , give us all a break and stop posting.

  11. Patriot Paul, Josue Sierra, Red Righter Great Replies to Howard Beale. My advice to you when it comes to Beale’s remarks is Consider the Source.

  12. Dear SMIPKIN pimps : You are pathetic !!!!

  13. The Red Righter’s comments are 100% correct. Let us talk about the Patriots’ leadership efforts throughtout the election. The Patriots leaders are supposed to support lower taxes, yet, they did not support a tax cap. The Patriots told me they are not supposed to support any political parties, and yet some of them are members of the Republician Club of Cecil, and one of them is going to be running that clubs politcial pac. This must be the Politically savvy group that Bob/Howard was referring to. They also told me when I was running that they do not support candidates, yet, they supported Andy Harris and Mike Dawson (the Constitutional Candidate.) The patriots leadership stands for what ever their good ol’ boy friends tell them to. The fact of the matter is that they backed a candidate that they know could not win. This was done strictly to cost Ted Patterson his election. If a tax increasing liberal like Dave Rudolph is going to be the end result of the Patriots work, than I would rather they continue to do nothing.

    • Chris,
      Bitterness is very unbecoming of you. The rest of my response is not intended for you but for the other readers. Since you have chosen to muddy the waters, I will clear them up.

      We fought the tax issue the good old fashioned way at the grassroots local level, and it worked. We will continue pushing for a leaner, more efficient, transparent local government. One of the members of our steering team attends all of the commissioners meetings, speaks up on the issues, and provides reports to the group regarding what is happening in local government.

      We did oppose: 1.) the state passing increased financial burden on the county through arbitration (and though you were afraid to be outspoken about it, you and the others on your “team” supported binding arbitration which as the town of Elkton found out, comes with a high price tag and 2) our state delegation voting for increasing teacher’s pensions just 4 years ago, and now that they can’t fund them, proposing to pass the burden onto the county. Regardless of what you may call yourself, that is not fiscally conservative or responsible; it is just another unfunded mandate passed from the state level onto the county. Then on the other hand, the delegation wanted to propose a tax cap locally, which is tempting for a TEA party person until you look at the big picture. I can’t speak for the mindset of our state officials, but I do know there is a history of friction between them and the local commissioners. This looked like a blatant attempt to make their job impossible, and a ruse for the citizens. The problem is, when a state official screws the commissioners, the citizens of the county are the ones who suffer. Imposing costly measures and unfunded mandates at the state level and the issuing a tax cap is disingenuous. There are enough problems in Annapolis that should keep our delegates busy. The citizens of Cecil County can handle issues with our commissioners. We can’t very well expect our state legislators to impose something we like on one hand and expect them to butt out of our local affairs when they impose destructive legislation on our county as they attempted to do this last legislative session.

      We are non-partisan, which is why we spoke out on these issues. The fact that they were being proposed by Republicans made no difference to us. Bad policy is bad policy. That is what being non-partisan means. We won’t give a pass to any party or politician. Everyone is held to the same standard.

      That doesn’t mean that members should avoid political parties. The precinct project was a nationwide effort in this election to get grassroots conservatives active within their political parties. The parties need principled leadership within the party so that the party actually stands for core values; the parties also need good candidates to stand on their principles. Our TEA party group as well as other TEA parties across the nation are supportive of these efforts.

      I want to give my personal position on the pension issue, and I know what I would suggest is almost impossible. I do believe that local governments should have more control over education. Thus, if teacher’s pensions would be shifted from the state to the local government, the local government should also get full control over the pensions and be able to renegotiate the type of benefits offered as well as the level of the benefit. Since the state would no longer have to shoulder that burden, a tax cut at the state level should accompany any transfer of the burden onto the local government. However, Pipkin’s bill doesn’t include any of this; it is just a shift of responsibility on a pension that had its rate negotiated at the state level through the MSTA, just another unfunded mandate from Annapolis.

  14. georgearmstrongcuster

    General George Armstrong Custer Reporting for Duty:
    You know, the DNC made the same mistake I made at the Battle of Little Big Horn when I said:
    “We got those Indians (Republicans) surrounded boys! Let’s go get em’!”
    Yes sir, when fighting the Republicans you gotta be careful, and keep a clear eye, it ain’t like fightin’ the Confederates, those Republicans are vicious, especially Chief He Who Is Opposed to Everying Smigiel, and Chief He Who Wants to Rule the State Pipkin, they’re both ruthless I’m tellin’ ya, you gotta watch out for em’.

  15. Patriot Paul (Why don’t you have enough guts to put your real name?)
    You are blatantly lying about our CCP group. The Patriots did NOT support ANYONE in that race, and it is not our responsibility to carry any candidate’s water. To his credit, Michael Dawson did attend our meetings, local events, and the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, all of which were well-attended by local voters. I’m sure that helped him earn votes from those who were looking for someone to articulate a conservative message. Ted Patterson was provided with the same opportunities, but for some reason, failed to show up at any of them. Ted was also absent from Republican events during the course of his campaign. I’m pretty certain that hurt him, as it is difficult for people to support someone whom they never see, especially at the local level. Had he made other choices in this election or had he taken an opportunity AND the RESPONSIBILITY to show leadership in the TEA party movement, things no doubtedly would have turned out differently for him. Just like the Patriots will not accept credit for anyone’s victory on Tuesday (Those who won earned it themselves), it is wrong to pass the buck of responsibility for failure onto anyone other than the candidate himself.

  16. Jacque Broomell

    Josue, Chris, you guys are blaming the Patriots for Ted Patterson’s loss? Really? I cast my vote, proudly mind you, for Michael Dawson for Delegate in 34B. I actually met Mike Dawson, spoke to Mike Dawson who actively campaigned and attended candidate events and forums. I have yet to lay my eyes upon or meet or talk to Ted Patterson. He was the phantom candidate this election cycle as far as I’m concerned. I’m supposed to cast my vote, as a good conservative, for Ted Patterson just because he has an R after his name? He may have been ‘out there’ but I certainly never encountered him and I was ‘out there’ a lot. Ted has no one but Ted to blame.

    • Jillian Patterson

      You may not have met him or talked to him, but he was very available to anyone who wanted to talk to him and he was very supportive of conservative principles and conservative candidates. His knowledge of your open support and your family’s open support of Michael Dawson didn’t stop Ted from allowing your sister to put large campaign signs on his property. Why? Because he wanted to support the conservative candidate regardless of personal differences and one-sided grudges.

      You can say that Ted is not conservative but that doesn’t make it true. He supported tax cuts, spending cuts, constitutional government and defending personal liberty. Everyone who cared to know that knew it and he has a proven track record of defending liberty and promoting conservatism all across the state. Whether a lack of open and active support for the third party candidate would have won Ted the race is irrelevant at this point because the election is over, but I don’t think anyone can fairly claim that Ted is not a very conservative, principled person.

      • Jacque Broomell

        Jillian –
        1. Diana Broomell is my sister-in-law. We are married to brothers.
        2. I never said Ted was not conservative.
        3. I would have no way of knowing whether or not Ted is a principled person as I’ve never met him.
        4. I voted for a principled, conservative candidate and have no regrets.
        5. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding “one-sided grudges”.

        • Jillian Patterson

          Hi Jacque, it seemed to me that you implied he was not conservative when you implied that as a good conservative you could not vote for him.

          As far as the grudge is concerned, perhaps I am not using the best word. I am sure Diana could better explain the feelings that led her and her husband to ask Ted to allow large signs for her campaign in their yard in spite of her (or, at minimum, her family’s) open support of a third party candidate and her complete lack of support for Ted. It has never made any sense at all to me.

          I don’t know you and certainly mean nothing personal against you; I meant only to point out the inaccuracy of anyone thinking either that Ted is not conservative or that he did not work hard and wasn’t around.

  17. Cecil County Patriots did not endorse any local candidates. We hold forums, debates, research candidates, acknowledge candidates at our meetings – so you can get to know them, then decide for yourself who you should vote for. There has been some misinformation from the “Smipkins” that we endorsed M. Dawson. That is not true, but by all means, would you please share with the class where you are getting your information? CCP didn’t even endorse their own members that were running for office. I didn’t hear any whining. In this life, you win some, you lose some. That’s life, my friend. P. S. Please make sure Jackie gets the chocolates, Al could use the “Don’t Tread on me Flag” and I’d appreciate the flowers!

    • Jillian Patterson

      Hi Donna, I think they are referring to the unofficial endorsement (meaning active support and promotion) of Dawson from members of the Patriots leadership and membership. I don’t think anyone ever claimed that the Patriots officially endorsed Dawson or any other candidate, rather that many Patriots leaders and members actively worked to split the conservative vote. I haven’t heard anyone whine, least of all Ted, about not receiving a Patriots endorsement.

  18. To: Chris Zeauskas
    From: Bob Amato (President, Republican Club of Cecil County)
    Subject: Republican Club of Cecil County PAC
    FYI. Gene Cochrane is the Chairman of our PAC and Lloyd Sanders is the Treasurer. We are proud to have Cecil County Patriots included in our membership.

  19. To Chris Zeauskas from Bob Amato as an individual not representing the views of any organization. While I am not a member of the Cecil County Patriots, I have tremendous respect for this organization and have attended their meetings and events. They work hard to promote their values and are always “up front” in stating their views and positions. I have seen no signs of a hidden agenda. You lose all credibility when you state: “The patriots leadership stands for whatever their good ol’ boy friends tell them to”. You apparently have neither met them nor seen them in action.

  20. Jillian,
    Incorrect you are, once again. Chris Z did say we (CCP) supported Mike Dawson. See Chris’s post in quotes below. On one hand you Smipkins say we have no credibility and are irrelevant, on the other hand you say we are responsible for Ted’s loss. Which one is it? I think our time could be better spent working together, rather than trying to discredit the patriots, don’t you? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start working towards restoring our Country. There’s plenty of work that needs to be done here. You don’t need to go to Annapolis to do it. Our door is open to anyone who wants to stand by Constitutional conservative values. Chris wrote: “They also told me when I was running that they do not support candidates, yet, they supported Andy Harris and Mike Dawson (the Constitutional Candidate.) The patriots leadership stands for what ever their good ol’ boy friends tell them to. The fact of the matter is that they backed a candidate that they know could not win. This was done strictly to cost Ted Patterson his election.”

  21. Dear Miss Gregory

    You are ignorant of the facts regarding Mr. Patterson. I believe he was the State head of the Campaign for Liberty, long before your group called the Patriots ever existed. I trust you do know that the Campaign for Liberty is Ron Paul’s group.

    I guess you don’t think Ron Paul is a Tea Party member either because he is not a member of “your” Patriots organization. Neither you nor your Patriots group are the only Tea Party people in the county. Stop assuming that people who are not in your group are not Tea Party people. You attack those who are not in your group even though they may support every principle you profess to support.

    Stop trying to defend your failure to support, Mr. Patterson, the only conservative candidate who could have defeated the liberal Dave Rudolph and admit it was a mistake that you will learn from, then you will be showing political maturity.

  22. The discourse here among peoples that profess to hold common political beliefs is shameful. You give your adversaries great reason to work to exploit your disunity. You are your own worst enemies.

    In China, we say the empty vessel makes the loudest sound.

  23. Hey Hu,

    That is the difference between the US and China, we are alowed to have a discourse about politics. In the end we are stronger because of the open debate. In China in the 80’s, when they said, “Let a thousand flowers bloom”
    they allowed political discourse just long enough to identify who the dissenters were, then they rounded them up and either shot them or sent them to re-education camps.

    At the end of our debates we will be stronger and move on to further curtail the socialistic policies that have crept into our gov’t like bamboo grass from a neighbor’s yard.

    In the US we say “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend with my life, your right to say it”

  24. Does your view of the First Amendment include the right to express your opinion by voting for a candidate of your choice?

  25. Patriot Paul,
    You are so caught up in this anger that you miss the point of my post. This discourse is so belligerant that those in your own party are insulted. The party will not be stronger because of it but rather more bitterly divided. The situation with Ted Patterson is a perfect example. Ted should have had that seat but because of petty bickering we are left with Dave ‘the Tax man” Rudolph. I expect that the current RCC will vengefully drain the organization’s funds just as they did when the 21st Century GOP club won control of the Central Committee 8 years ago.

  26. We are not talking about voting choices we are talking about whether the choice between a liberal democrat and a known conservative who can win and a known conservative who can not win. We are discussing who it is that conservative activist should support in order to achieve the goal of defeating the Democrat.

    You can change the question all you want Mr. Amato, the fact will always remain the Patriots and anyone who voted for the Conservative that could not win, actually elected the Democrat. With action, comes consequences.

  27. It is quite obvious that the conservative split in candidates cost Ted Patterson the election. If I were the third party candidate, I would have dropped out and supported the candidate who had the highest chance of winning that shared my ideological values and beliefs knowing that a split ticket against an incumbent would be nearly impossible.

    Btw, I am a moderate democrat.

  28. Patriot Paul (Ted Patterson): Have you considered that voters evaluated their choices?

  29. Jacque Broomell

    To: Mike Smigiel, Ted Patterson, Chris Zeauskas and Josue Sierra
    From: Jacque Broomell, voter
    Have any of you given consideration to the fact that voters judged you by your actions and/or lack thereof and voted accordingly? You are commenting on this thread criticizing county voters for their actions but yet do not expect to be judged for your own? Let’s review. It was perfectly fine for you to stab Richard Sossi, a fine conservative mind you, in the back by running Art Hershey against him in the primary in an apparent attempt to maintain whatever perceived notion of power that you think you hold over the 36th district. You ran Chris Zeauskas against Tari Moore in the primary after Tari had been actively campaigning for a year and a half. You ran Michael Dunn against Ted Kolodzey, one of the finest conservatives I have had the pleasure to meet. You ran Michael Dawson (both a county and political new comer) against Diana Broomell knowing full well what a staunch fiscal conservative Diana is. You ran Carrie Taylor against William Feehley after E.J. Pipkin recruited Bill Feehley to run for Treasurer. This can only lead me to deduct that Carrie suited your purposes more then Bill did. You cowardly hide behind aliases in order to criticize those who have rightly judged you by your own actions. Yes gentlemen, actions do have consequences. I strongly advise that you consider your own. For those of you with future political aspirations, you will be known by the company you keep.

    • Jacque,
      People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Ron Lobos (Tea Party Organizer)

      Alright, that’s it. I blame George Bush. I mean. what the hell, it worked for the liberals that got people like Obama and Pelosi elected. Remember, there are 3 kinds of people. Those that make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who say “WHAT HAPPENED”. I want to be one of those who make things happen. What’s done is done. Let’s get over it and start making things happen. I think I know how Ted feels. The reason I say this is because I also ran for office. Back in 1998 I ran for the House of Delegates against Ron Guns and lost. I hurt from my loss mainly because I felt I let everyone down who worked so hard to support me in my campaign. However, I never blamed anyone for my loss except myself. I talked to Ted after the election and he too didn’t place the blame on anyone else. But let me tell you how this loss transformed me. I became a stronger man. I promised myself that I would never be influenced by any quid pro quo demanding people ever again. (Not just politically, but also in my personal life). When I make a decision to do something, it’s because of pure conviction and not because of outside influence that tempts me to stray. I am also sure that Ted came away from this election a much wiser man. I respect Ted, but we must remember that Ted is only 24 years old and has many years ahead of him to learn and serve. It’s time for us to unite. Lets lick our wounds and heal. We can accomplish so much more if we unite, than if we continue to argue. Everyone reading this blog needs to make a decision. Do you want to fish, or cut bait. I WANT TO FISH.

    • [Opening edited by Someone Noticed. Raoul was addressing Commissioner Elect Broomell]


      . . . , a staunch conservative? I sincerely doubt that.

      Let’s see some of that ‘leadership’ she thinks she has. Cut the Commissioners compensation by 50%, no travel allowance, no out of pocket reimbursement, nothing more. $15000 each, and that’s it. The 100% of ALL meetings (there will be no closed doors work sessions in the new world of transparency) can be caught on on simple, inexpensive, (and pardon this Jacque/Di) WalMart cheap cameras. Each commissioner has one to video the others. That is there one perk.

      I can hardly wait to hear more ways Cecil County can become more fiscal conservative, but please don’t cut back on our emergency and law enforcement.

      • Mr. Dixon, I would very much like to read the comments Raoul made that you removed. Let us read how negative he/she really can be. Thank You

  30. Valerie Falcioni

    Maybe if everyone voted their conscience instead of who was most connected financially and politically (no matter the platform they claim to represent), we would actually have better quality candidates (third party or otherwise) get elected into office. Present times call for people to think outside the box. People have to stop sitting back and mindlessly accept the spoon fed endorsements from party bosses. We as a country have done that for too long and look where it’s gotten us; career politicians who forget about “we the people” once they get to Washington or Annapolis.

    Get over your loss, and keep those who won their elections honest and always mindful of their constituents. That’s what the Tea party movement is all about; a force to be reckoned with by ALL political parties, not just one.

  31. Mr Tuer,

    You are suffering from a bad case of logic and common sense. Your willingness to look beyond your own self interest and acknowledge the inevitable is very un-Patriot like. (Cecil County version not traditional)

    Please stop making sense as it will confuse those who profess to know it all already.

  32. Jacque Broomell….Sounds like you have the facts on your side. I look forward to an analysis of campaign finance reports. The true picture will not be revealed since Delegate Smigiel is lax in filing. Seems out of character for a champion of full disclosure and transparency. Please serve as gatekeeper when SMIPKIN begins it’s political courtship.

  33. Patriot (Ted Patterson) Paul,
    Mr. Tuer, former Treasurer for Chris Sutton, told you what you wanted to hear so you agree with him. Consistent pattern. Have you considered that you might have lost Republican votes by supporting Sutton over Janney? Maybe you relied too heavily on the FOP endorsement. Many voters felt that your support of binding arbitration was fiscally irresponsible.

  34. Bee…Apparently the Editor thought that the remarks should have been edited. His decision. Why would you want him to publish negative comments regarding Commissioner-Elect Broomell? The election is over. Why not give her a chance to prove herself?

    • Bob Amato/Beale, Not that I have to reply to you since I did ask Mr. Dixon. I voted for D. Broomell, yes she was elected so Raoul’s remarks can’t hurt her. It was my intent to show just how negative Raoul can be. D. Broomell does not have to prove herself to me I KNOW she and M. Dunn are more than capable of being outstanding Cecil County Commissioners. You have done nothing but lead the attacks on Broomell, Dunn, Smigiel,Pipkin. All the readers have to do is go back to your comments to show how negative you and Raoul have been. Who gave you Bob Amato the NICE PILL ? I do hope the NICE PILLS have more than a temporary effect. But I very much doubt that they will. P.S. How about you share some of your NICE PILLS with Raoul

      • Bee…Howard Beale is Howard Beale. I agree that Broomell and Dunn, as well as Moore, are capable of being outstanding commissioners. I hope they are as successful as the current board.

  35. Howard Beale is Howard Beale? Are you a registered voter in Cecil County? Are you a registered voter in the State of Maryland? If you want to clear this up then post your full name. Do you really think we are so stupid to beleive you changed over night? A Leopard doesn’t change his spots. Watch your back sides Broomell and Dunn. Howard Beale Bob Amato is about to attack.

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