Baltimore Sun: Ultraconservative Third Party May Have Cost GOP a Pickup in Cecil County Race

From the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Politics Blog —-

Incidentally, an ultraconservative third party may have cost the GOP a pickup in one House race. Unofficial tallies show Democratic Del. David Rudolph holding on to his Cecil County seat with less than 50 percent of the vote after Michael Dawson of the Constitution Party took 766 votes, or more than 5 percent, in District 34B. Rudolph, a stubborn survivor of close races, was beating Republican Theodore Patterson by 404 votes.’

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12 responses to “Baltimore Sun: Ultraconservative Third Party May Have Cost GOP a Pickup in Cecil County Race

  1. Well it looks like even the leftest mouth piece, The Baltimore Sun, agrees that the liberal tax raising, Mr Rudolph has the Patriots leadership, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Caudwell to thank for his ability to return to the state legislature in place of the conservative, Ted Patterson.

    I hope they stop the excuses and denials and just learn from the experience so they will do no more harm in their efforts to help the conservative cause.

  2. There was a recent movement to “Remake the Republican Party”. Some conservative GOP activists felt that a center-right GOP was not conservative enough. It is possible that 766 Cecil County Republicans agreed.

  3. It seems that 766 people felt it was better to throw their vote away on “making a statment” than to elect someone outside their little clique.

    • Don’t Libertarians believe that “making a statement” is a good thing? I invite Delegate Smigiel to weigh in on this.

  4. Mr. Amato,

    Your argument fails because you assume that Mr. Patterson, the former State wide leader of the Campaign for Liberty, is a center-right conservative when that is not true.

    Even if your false statement were true, it would not be an excuse for then electing a liberal tax raising democrat like Rudolph over Patterson. Are you and the Patriot leadership that naive or just unwilling to admit to mistakes, (ie arrogant)?

  5. I invite the candidate Ted Patterson to weigh in on the issue. Personally, I believe that if Senator Pipkin had spent more money supporting Ted Patterson instead of attacking Delegate Dick Sosi and Charter for Cecil Ted Patterson would have prevailed. I also invite all members of the Fiscal Conservative Teams to opine.

  6. Delegate Smigiel: Please weigh in.

  7. Dear Patriot Paul (Ted Patterson),
    Focus on yourself. Pipkin and Smigiel have spent years atttacking all those who oppose them. You are the victim.

    • Bob Amato/Howard Beale, Why do you continue to out right to distort this? I ask Delegate Smigiel his opinion of Mr.Patterson. He had nothing but the highest praise for Ted Patterson.Did you ever consider that Rudolph could have put Dawson up to running? And the famous Patriots fell for it? Will you ever get over your revenge for your lost bid for the republican central committee?

  8. Mr. Amato,

    Please specify any situation where Pipkin and Smigiel have attacked anyone who opposed them. I know they have opposed persons who opposed their positions on taxes and other policy issues but when have they attacked any person other than in a political dispute?

    You keep demonizing everyone you write about without ever giving any specifics. Are you sure you do not have misplaced aggression over the fact that the fiscal conservative central committee slate which they backed defeated you for re-election to the central committee?

    Show me you can be objective in your discussions and tell me some good things about Smigile, Pipkin, and Patterson. Certainly your being a central committee member you have to have an appreciation for the fact that they are all working hard on behalf of the Republican Party?

    • Patriot (Ted Patterson) Paul,
      I thought your concession letter was very gracious. You should have stopped at that point. Personal attacks in a “political dispute” are acceptable?

  9. Well, it seems even the Baltimore Sun recognizes the dynamics of the situation from afar. Infighting cost the GOP this seat.

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