Letter From Ted Patterson: It Doesn’t End Here

Letter to the Public From Ted Patterson —

I would like to thank the many voters who came out on November 2nd to vote for my candidacy for the House of Delegates in District 34B.  It is truly humbling to receive such strong support from around the district.  We were underdogs from the start and yet came within percentage points of knocking off a well-established incumbent politician in Annapolis.  Although we were ultimately unsuccessful, I believe we accomplished great things. 

I would like to publicly congratulate Delegate David Rudolph on his successful re-election and Michael Dawson for running a good campaign.  Both candidates are intelligent, hard working, and worthy of praise for their willingness to serve the citizens of Cecil County.  

To all of you who voted for me I hope you will remember that our work does not end here!  We must continue our efforts to change the way government operates at all levels.  We must continue to advocate for lower taxes, less government spending, and more economic opportunity in our community.  We must lead the fight for Constitutional government and stand in defense of personal liberties as enumerated by our Founding Fathers.  I encourage you to get involved locally and become more politically active.  Consider running for office or working on a campaign in the future.  Attend public meetings to be informed on what local government is doing.  Write letters to the editor and call in to talk radio.  Make your voice heard.  The cause for liberty is not about personalities or individual candidates, but about results. 

In 2011 the county and state will be facing tremendous pressure to raise our taxes.  We must stand together to send the message to our elected officials that we will not tolerate tax increases in 2011.  Instead, let’s support spending reductions and cost cutting measures that will save taxpayers money and put more money back in the private sector during this time of economic hardship.  Let’s work together to make Cecil County and the state of Maryland more prosperous and more free through supporting policies that improve government efficiency, limit government power over the individual, and open our economy for growth in the 21st century.

I again thank the voters of District 34B for their support in this election and encourage all of our newly elected public officials from both parties to work hard in the public interest.


 Ted Patterson


14 responses to “Letter From Ted Patterson: It Doesn’t End Here

  1. Well said, Mr. Patterson.

  2. Ted I’m an independent, not affiliated with any of these Cecil County groups, Republicans or Patriots. Being somewhat new to the area my challenge was to sort through all the claims and figure out who was really for fiscally restrainted, smaller government while also in your race considering who had a reasonable chance to win. It was hard, but I was willing to investigate. Many people wouldn’t have time to do that. Thank you for the what you invested in taking on an established Democrat in Cecil County and for the excellent campaign you ran on your first attempt at delegate. I wish I could thank the Tea Party for helping me and others figure it out, but that I can’t do. What is their purpose in Cecil County, to argue about whether they didn’t endorese anyone and merely supported someone! That doesn’t make one bit of sense. The NRA certainly helped me sort through politicians I should favor. Thank you for putting so much into this race. Your showing was outstanding. At least there’s one bright aspect of this that Democrat you were runing against had to take not of how he won this race because of the endorsement problem, an ultraconservative third party candidate, and a few angry old republicans who might as well have been Democrats. What is up with this Howard Beale? Was he one of those old Republicans who let this county get in the situation it is in?

  3. Welcome Royce. Always fun to be entertained by the SMIPKINS. The nom de plumes are really stacking up. Say hello for Prisoner #7 for me. Republicans won all but one contested race in Cecil County without a Cecil Patriots endorsement. Sen. Jacobs won by a 2-1 margin. Voters figured it out.

  4. I love the Smipkins!

    • Chris Z…You love the Smipkins? Conflict of interest, since you are a Smipkin. Just as wacky as Patriot (Ted Patterson) Paul complimenting himself on his own post: “Well said Mr. Patterson”. You need to leave the SMIPKIN Echo Chamber.

  5. I think I am going to change my name to Chris Smipkin. Ted you did a great job and you worked hard. Let us keep up the hard work. GO TEAM SMIPKIN.

    • Did you get permission for the name change from Papa Smipkin?

      • Beale/Amato, Well here you are replying to Chris in your same negative way. I just read your fake reply to me, trying to be Mr. Nice guy. I will repeat myself here Leopards don’t change their spots. Stop playing games Bob Amato. I agree with Chris 100% GO TEAM SMIPKIN.

  6. Howard, why dont you stop trying to dodge the question and explain to us how Pipkin/Smigiel are so unpopular? I’ll wait for an intelligent response from you, but its been show you’re not capable of coming up with an intelligent response that doesnt attempt to insult or result in semantics. Last I checked this general, they won easily hands down. I’m with Team Smipkin too. Looks like your the ones that’s out of touch with the County majority and your like the Billy Joel line “And he’ll go to the grave as an angry old man”

  7. J.B.,
    Charter Government will take care of them. We, the pro-charter supporters, just pray the newly acquired (re purchased) Smipkinettes are not allowed the delay time necessary to wait for instructions on how to vote. In the new ‘transparent’ world of county government they should not have a chance. We will just have to wait and see if they really meant what they promised. I certainly frightens me based upon their track records. No wait…they have no track record.

  8. Oh yeah, Raoul. That’s right I forgot the Raoul logic is the majority population who voted for Pipkin/Smigiel is stupid. I forgot were in the days of the Tammany Hall machine, please. Why dont you stop trying to insult your intelligence with your elementary school remarks and give us a well thought out response which you arent capable of since it seems politics or talking about it isnt your cup of tea. Stick to your hopeless crusade against the machine that you continue to say you fight. Face it regardless if you want to or not you failed and failed bad in getting rid of Smigiel and Pipkin. You failed in defeating the Cecil County Fiscal Conservative Central Committee Team. I also love listening to their opponents, oh Bill Manlove was going to be the guy to knock off Smigiel. Tell me how that worked out again? Please Raoul? Stop trying to enlighten me on the politics. I dont need people like you to sit around and try to insult my intelligence by acting like you are the all knowing being on the Cecil County political scene. It might shock you, but I know a large network of people in this county, their clubs, and state politicans.

    How about you tell us what you actually if anything ever did for this county? Except whine about Pipkin and Smigiel in where you are a small insigificant majority that no cares or takes seriously. Don’t believe me take a look at the polls. Stop trying to sugarcoat your abrupt failures. You are and never will be a force to be reckoned with before the Charter or after the Charter. All you are as I said is the “Angry Old Man”, member of the OB(Old Boys Network), or like the Patriots(might well change their names) to the League of Women Voters.

    The Patriots claim that they arent and shouldnt be compared to the LOW, but they are. They either claim were neutral as the LOW were or they arent. They cant have it both ways. Also, unknowingly to them, there were tea party groups well before them and will be way after them. They despite their claims that people dont go their meetings doesnt disqualify them from not being a Tea Party member. For example the Campaign for Liberty already predated them. Next their claim that Tea Party groups dont endorse people is more BS, numerous Tea Party groups state and national endorsed people in the 2010 election cycle, though that the Patriots choice if they choose, but when they say no other group didnt there nose grows an inch every time.

  9. John Brooks aka Red Ranter… I just checked out the Republican Central Committee (SMIPKIN Central) website (cecilgop.com). They feature the same story appearing on the Smigiel blog about gun control in Baltimore City. Let’s focus on Cecil County. I would like to see a story about Smigiel fighting for, not against Cecil County. The SMIPKIN Central December 13th meeting features a John Birch Society film entitled “Overview of America”. I guess this is Ted Patterson trying to appear more conservative than Constitution Party Michael Dawson.

  10. Howard the story originated from Smigiel’s personal blog. He’s free to do with it as he pleases. HB52 affects everybody in Maryland unless you are a gun control liberal who like having their guns took from them. Plus get it right, the story appears on the Cecil site. After all Smigiel representatives East Cecil. Imagine or not people are interested or against gun control, Mr.James Brady. Why you been busy b******* Smigiel/Pipkin actually being moving Maryland forward, you been doing nothing, in the way, or moving it backwards. Or listening to the editoral page of the Cecil Whig/Baltimore Sun.

  11. John Brooks, HB 52 deals with minimum mandatory sentencing by judges, not gun control. I agree that a qualified resident should receive a concealed carry permit, just like Smigiel received just because he is a legislator. My original point was that the SMIPKIN controlled Republican Central Committee website will become a Pravda style public relations news outlet for Smigiel and Pipkin. Given their styles, it should be called the SMIPKIN TUBA. A mere trumpet or bugle does not do them justice.

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