Red Righter: County ‘Kingpin’ Comments on Political Scene

From Red Righter

A few weeks following a spirited election that saw national and Cecil County races won overwhelmingly by Republican/Conservative candidates, Maryland Delegate Michael Smigiel took time to share his impressions on that day’s interesting results and their possible effects on local and state politics.

Smigiel’s office on Main Street in Elkton—with its law books, framed photographs, diplomas and award certificates, as well as his legislative office in Annapolis—are dramatically different from his humble, working class roots in the Dundalk and Canton neighborhoods of Baltimore.

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33 responses to “Red Righter: County ‘Kingpin’ Comments on Political Scene

  1. Didn’t take this so called Red Writer long to jump right on the Smipkin propoganda team did it. The Guardian is the only paper that calls it the way they see it and doesn’t worry about Smipkins. This one is just printing what they tell him to say.

  2. I love listening to the ramblings of people like Andy above here with their what they think is their intelligent Smipkin label. I love for all the people such as Andy and Howard Beale to explain to us and the county as a whole that if Pipkin/Smigel were as unpopular as they suggested why they both got elected in huge margins? Dont worry Smipkin haters I’ll wait here for an eternity for a good answer from you or wait for the county voters to take your anti Pipkin-Smigiel opinions seriously. Though I think the types like Andy and Howard Beale for the good laughs and constant source of never ending humor. Thanks for keeping up. Its makes it so much better to see you people lose your mind over Smigiel and Pipkin.

  3. Yeah John, if what you and that Red Righter say is true about the Kingpin, how come people wanted charter. Thank about that John while you trying to convince us that the Smipkins are so good.

  4. Andy, you are like a typical politican I sit and watch on my Sunday morning show dance around every question changing subjects. Answer the question. If Smigiel and Pipkin were so unpopular how come they won in a landslide. You still havent gave a good reason yet. I can see though I’m going to wait an eternity for an intelligent response from you, because I can see you’re not capable of one as politics just isnt your cup of tea. No one taking you seriously if you cant answer it. Anyway no one’s took the like of you, Howard Beale, and your other cronies seriously.

    Keep it up with that Smipkin label, the only one it makes sound stupid is you. You cant even come up with an original insult. It might be a good insult say if you were like 5 years old.

    As for that Charter government it didnt work out like the landslide you expected, the majority if not all big donors came from out of county, and has been a failure in Harford. Get used to it though you and your Patriot types will or will never get rid of Smigiel and Pipkin, no one in this County cares about you and the Angry Old Old Boys networks. Because unlike people like you they actually do stuff for this county and fight for it unlike you who has never done in your whole life to every fight for it.

  5. George Armstrong Custer

    By orders of the War Department, this blog has been placed under martial law! My boys and I in the 7th Calvary have been dispatched to place this blog in order. AND GET THESE SMIPKIN PIMPS OUT OF HERE! I don’t need my men getting distracted from their military duties by pimps! And keep an eye out for Sitting Bull Smigiel and Crazy Horse Pipkin, they’re highly armed and dangerous and will show no mercy.

  6. Oh look at our user above. Gen Custer has risen from his massive and complete defeat. He’s even less capable of an intelligent response than Raoul and Howard Beale, but always good for a great joke regardless of the day, and definitely the last guy anyone would take seriously. He can have the whole 7th Cavalry, 82nd Airborne, and 3rd Army and isnt changing the results of this year singlehandly easy win by Smigiel and Pipkin. Sorry Howard Beale, Raoul, Cecil Times, Cecil Guardian, Bill Manlove, and the like, you guys failed and failed bad in getting rid of Smigiel. You and your movement is a failure plain and simple. A failure in 1972 McGovern terms, 1980 Carter terms, 1984 Mondale terms, and 1988 Dukakis terms. You guys are so uncoordinated and unqualified.

  7. John Brooks..Stick with the SMIPKIN script and talking points. Stream of consciousness is not your forte’.

  8. Hey General Custer. Sitting Bull Smigiel and Crazy Horse Pipkin. I like that. Right on there general. Good to have your help in Cecil County. We need it these days. Hey Brookes you & Red Writer, the original Pravada press release source for the Smipkins, start using that in your speaking points.

  9. Brooks keeping telling yourself that. You and that Smipkin Pravada blog keep saying it enough, it might help both of you some. Now that they are going into office I will just see what they do with taxes and those other hard decisions. Didn’t they run on not raising taxes and smaller government. I’ll see. You & Red Writer keep repeating that pack of stuff. It might help both of you some as they find out how hard it is to govern.

    Take a couple of aspiring Brookes & Red Writer. We will all feel better after the next elections.

  10. I thought that Pipkin is the “Kingmaker”. Who is actually the #1/

  11. Be nice if the YD and Andy could up with their own talking points. Still cant grasp through their juvenile mind that Pipkin/Smigiel got elected in a landslide. Though I must give them a A+ for actually knowing the Pravada, thats a start, maybe their not as clueless as they seem, just maybe ignorant of the county population of the whole who think they could beat Pipkin/Smigiel/and the Fiscal Consevative Central Comittee Team. How well that work again, Andy? An intelligent answer, that’s if you are capable of one and not the ones I hear from the people on MSNBC. I hear there hiring there for two people with your resume.

  12. I mean, I’ll wait Andy, I swore people like you swore on your life that ole Bill Manlove and Rob Alt were going to be the ones to knock down Smigiel and Pipkin, While your at it Andy tell me how it worked? Maybe you can get some of the angry old insignificant people from the Cecil Times, I mean we know how much they changed this outcome. Or while you are at go get the Patriots they really showed Pipkin/Smigiel, ha dont make me laugh. The Times and Patriots are a joke. If the Patriots claim to be a Tea Party group give us one that was a group that actually was effective across the country and not the League of Women Voters.

    As for our boy Andy, must be another liberal, since he doesnt like anything besides what agrees with his 100% zombie position which RedRighter doesnt. He hates it that his days of monopolizing whatever he wants in Cecil are over.

  13. Andy by saying let us see what the smipkins do in office, you bring up a good point. Let us see what all of our elected officials do in office. I will be watching all of our local officials as I do every year. It will be interesting to see what the commissioners do with this years budget. I will be paying very close attention to the votes Commissioner Moore makes when it comes to the public school’s budget. This is the biggest budget that we pay for as tax paying citizens. If I know Del. Smigiel, which having been called a smipkin myself, I am sure he will continue to fight for lower taxes, smaller gov. and Liberty. John keep up the hard work telling everyone the truth, you are a good man. There are many people in politics that have had their lives turned upside down by the results of this past election. These people are angry and bitter. So I would have to say let us all pay attention to what our representatives are doing, because at the end of the day I think people will be very happy with the smipkins and not so happy with the Hodge people.
    Please use your real name if you would like to be taken seriously! You may not like me or what I have to say but, you will have a hard time trying to find when I have lied about an issue.

    As for charter, I hope that the economy gets better because if you think our county budget is high now, just wait and see.

    • Chris, are you talking about yourself as an angry and bitter one whose life was turned upside down by the last election ? Is that why you can’t stop talking about Commissioner Moore? Who are the elected Smipkins? Who are the Hodge people?

  14. McGruff the Crime Dog

    At least this time, I’m hoping the new commissiones remember their promises about not raising taxes and smaller government. I think most of them will. The last time I voted for the two Republicansm they ran on the same points, but what did Hodge and Mullins do as soon as they got elected. They raised my taxes. They said they did the best they could, but had to raise taxes. I feel much better about most of the ones this time keeping their promise. Those that might tend to want to take more money are going to have a hard time disagreeing with the majority. Imagine how bad it would be with charter and Hodge, Lock hart or Roberts as the coutny executive. They would bankrupt all of us retirees and two of them were easily defeated. Yes I am feeling much better about things this time around. That is one thing about Smigiel. He keeps his word and he will tell you what he is thinking whehter you want to hear it or not. But sticking to his word is the most improtant thing.

    • Latest SMIPKIN strategy. Undermining potential County Executive candidates. SMIPKIN should focus on getting state money for the county and the state shift of expenses to the county. More productive than carrying out vendettas against anyone who disagrees with them.

  15. Better goal, Howard. How about our County Commissioners not waste our money instead of you trying to shift the blame on Smigiel and ask Annapolis for an handout every single time everything goes wrong. No matter this county is in the financial mess it is. Because people like you line your hand out telling Annapolis give me give me all the time.

    Anyway about time you posted Howard, hows it feel that Pipkin/Smigiel won again? Your feeble pathetic attempt to defeat them with Manlove/Alt worked out horribly. You have no organization, no support above the piblice besides a few Patriots who werent took serious with the population as Pipkin/Smigiel were elected single handly to huge majorities.

    As for our boy YD above, there’s another one. I commend Chris for actually running. In the end this team will end up breaking their promises as the last team did too. About the only one who didnt was Mullin. As for Howard Beale, he’s all thats wrong with this county and probably doesnt even use his real name since he doesnt want to catch any flak or take any real attention for any of his position. Like Tony Blair said he’s “weak, weak, weak”. I’ll take that Smipkin label and wear it pride, so keep calling me it. It’s a badge of honor. Your more like a Nelson Bolender, Ted Kolodzey, or Harry Hepbron. Keep up the terrible work destroying our county and watch them to Harford in droves.

    • John Brooks, why should Cecil County pay for Casa of Maryland and other groups supporting illegal immigrants? Why should we fund Baltimore City? We need effective state legislators, not those who make a lot of noise to promote themselves.

  16. [paragrah removed]

    Next if Smigiel/Pipkin were so inefficent I believe they been voted out long ago, but guess what they werent wont. So, guess what the majority of the district likes them. Sorry to hurt your feelings, nothing you can do about it Howard Beale, but please do scream and cause a scene the next 4 years. I do need someone to give me a good laugh until election time. [sentence removed] Not to mention you act like the all know all of county politics when you don’t have one clue. What are you to do? Get spoonfed by the Cecil County Pattiots or the Cecil County Democratic Party? Like I said Judd Legum is looking for openings.

  17. Mike,

    Even though you do not publish everything I try to post, at least I try to use the English language in a coherent and grammatically correct manner. Whatever side anyone assumes I support is probably leading him or her down the wrong path.

    [Paragrah removed by Someone Noticed].

    Blogs are becoming the home to angry conversation vandals spreading a new form of graffiti on cyber walls.

    I will pursue a path of civility and hope it becomes an example worthy of emulation.

  18. George Armstrong Custer

    *Shoots gun in the air* WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE!? All that commotion, I thought the Smipkins were attacking again! When I say this town is under martial law, I MEAN this town is under martial law! Keep up this rowdiness and I’m going to order my men to shut down the Howard Hotel and the North Street Hotel and place this town under curfew, that is if I can get my men out of the North Street and Howard Bars. Now be civilized or I’ll call General Sherman for re-enforcements, and you don’t want Sherman, he might burn down the entire town.

    As for you Mr. Brooks, I don’t know what you’re talking about, what is this airborne division!? Men can’t fly it’s physically impossible! And 1980?! Carter!? McGovern!? Who is that? Don’t tell me you’re one of those people that claims to be a “time traveller”….you’re on my list sir, I’m ordering my men to keep a special eye on you.

  19. George Armstrong Custer

    Sir, are you implying that the 7th Calvary is incompetent!? Let me tell you that the 7th Calvary is one of the strongest fighting forces in the entire United States Army! Most of these men are hardened brave veterans of the War of Rebellion, so don’t you dare say that we’re going to be wiped out! What is this talk of a last stand? What are you talking about? Sir, I’m keeping my eye on you.

  20. No, but Gen Custer has his last stand a lot time ago. Then why are you still here Sir? Dont claim to be you were from Back to the Future III? And your force was wiped out, whose going to wipe anything out? You and your one man army? Good luck with that. Might have to make the journey to Elkton to watch that spectacle

  21. Mr. Brooks, you seemingly are inclined to blame so much of the activities/positions you dislike on the Patriots. Each to his own beliefs, but if we are that powerful you may want to visit our nest Wednesday to gain some insight. Being that you say you are conservative, you might find it interesting or not as you want.

    Of course you may not know that most who criticize us, a few only attended meets last year or early this year and most have never at all. I believe the never have attended includes you, but I could be wrong. So how they and you know the evil we perpetrate is not clear to me. Our website gives the time and address. Hope to see you there so we can have a lively debate.

    Take care and be safe.

  22. Thanks for the laugh Custer, I needed it today. My day wouldnt been complete without your incoherent ranting. Now go dissappear like Gen Custer who the Indians wiped out, Or like Alt/Malove who Smigiel/Pipkin wiped out, when you can give an intelligent answer to why and you alone I stop poting, until then I’m not.

  23. George Armstrong Custer

    I’m keeping my eye on you Mr. Brooks.

  24. George Armstrong Custer

    The 7th Calvary and I are keeping a close eye on you Mr. Brooks. Though I must admit arguing with you has proven to be very entertaining. As far as my “incoherent” rants are concerned, keep in mind that you’re arguing with a commanding offier in the Union Army, I didn’t get up here by being incoherent.

  25. I read the delegate’s article about how we can start economizing right now. How about if we hold government department’s accountable for doing actual thing, not just talking about how effective they’ve been. When they say they’re going to do something, whether it’s revitalizing Elkton or promoting economic development for the county fine. But it’s got to be real, not just marketing hype. There’s way too much going on with government telling everyone how hard they are working, how many people they brought here yesterday, and all the big corporations we just landed. We would have had that casino with or with local tax money being spent. Now they don’t even have a plan that let’s them get the cash we’re owed. They didn’t know they had to have a plan.

  26. Yeah Custer didnt meet his Waterloo either by being coherent either.

  27. George Armstrong Custer

    “Yeah Custer didn’t meet his Waterloo either by being coherent either.”
    Sir, who is the incoherent one now!? I was a school teacher for a year in Ohio before I became a cadet at West Point and I can tell you that your sentence is incoherent.

  28. Where’s the Beef Smigiel..Same old Smigiel misrepresenting the facts and slamming the Dept. of Economic Development. The “plan’ is required in the legislation.

  29. Howard, how many elected offices have you won exactly again? How many more Central Committees over Patterson, Zeauskas, Dunn, Taylor, and Hutchinson again were you elected to? How about more elections that Pipkin and Smigiel? Face it Howard, I know its hard to getl, but District 36 approves highly of Smigiel which you cant say the same of Dave Rudolph.

    Gen.Custer I dont care if you were President of the United States, your moniker is the stupidest one to have anyone take you seriously. Maybe you the History teacher needs a lesson, you know what was the end results of Custer’s army? They weren’t exactly as brillant as Patton’s 3rd Army or Zhukov. Dont throw rocks at glass windows if you dont know the history you claim to have a degree in. And at West Point, you should know even better that Custer got his force wiped out. Unless that is you say got kicked out on dishonorable grounds.

  30. Since both sides have had time to post comments on this piece from the, we’ll now close additional comments on this subject.

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