Forget Paying the Meter in Elkton This Holiday Season

There’s good news for anyone visiting downtown Elkton this holiday season.  In keeping with a long established tradition that reaches back to the era when Main Street was the retail center of the county, the Mayor and Commissioners have given motorists a little Christmas gift, free parking.  A few years ago, most parking meters were removed in order to encourage more people to shop downtown but a few metered areas still exist, such as around the District and Circuit courts, the hospital, and one off street lot.  Free parking continues throughout December.

Bright red bags covers the parking meters around the District Court.


5 responses to “Forget Paying the Meter in Elkton This Holiday Season

  1. Woo Hoo! Those who are facing a difficult day at the courts won’t have to plug the meter on the way in, huh?

    There’s really on a few retail business owners who will benefit – and that’s great that they get a little bit of help.

    But, I think the days of waiving the meter rates to incentivize shoppers to visit are no longer effective. However, it does give the town a place to put their festive holiday bags to help decorate for the holidays – right?

    • Wayne, don’t I recall that you were hear as a profe4ssional journalist covering the story about the removal of most of the parking meters as a way to encourage people to come downtown to shop? If so that must’ve taken place over a decade ago. We actually had a retail anchor at that time, Newberrys, and several more stores.

  2. George Armstrong Custer

    Thank goodness! Me and my boys in the 7th Calvary were getting tired of having to pay a fine from the Town Constable for tying up our horses to the meter for too long!

    • General Custer, Elkton really does have the most effetive parking enforcement any place could have downtown. So keep an eye on your horses. We’d hate to see them get ticketed for parking over the time.

  3. Has anyone noticed the solid line of cars parked on Bow Street along the hospital. Can I assume the 2hour parking limit is also lifted? Before the Christmas holiday free parking you could park a tank there any time of day

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