Red Righter: Cuffs Main Street Revitalization Plan

From Red Righter

Earlier this week I ran into Cuffs, one of my best informants, at the North Street Hotel. The man-on-the-street deep thinker has gained quite a reputation for offering unique solutions to seemingly difficult problems. “I read that piece in the Whig you wrote about Elkton needing a business boost,” he said, as he slid into my booth.

I smiled and nodded, thinking he was going to agree with my suggestion Elkton would benefit from an anchor store to attract folks downtown. I had suggested a new theater might do the trick.

Shaking his head, he got right to the point. “Way off,” he said. “Nobody’s gonna come into this town to hear song and dance acts. This ain’t the old days. Vaudeville’s dead, pal.”

Before I could protest, Cuffs added, “And who in their right mind is gonna drop a few mill into this ghost town for a new showplace. They got one up at the college in North East, a few others over in Newark, Chestertown. Duplication of effort.”

I was getting his drift, when he added, “The way to make this sleepy hollow a must-visit destination is obvious . . . .

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8 responses to “Red Righter: Cuffs Main Street Revitalization Plan

  1. The Night Watchman

    That man cuffs has a plan. Someone should let Fisona know will you. It might work. First time I have heard a plan for fixing Elkton other than Joe just spending more money. This one might work. Always wondered why Joe didn’t make them have a plan. I say put cuffs in charge of economic development.

    The Night Watchman

    • Thanks for checking in from the night shift. The process of revitalizing old downtowns is complicated and developing, implementing, and monitoring appropriate interventions requires highly developed skills in economic development, urban planning, product branding, and other subjects. We don’t know that your friend cuffs has experience in these advanced skill areas. What are his qualifications, by-the-way?

  2. Hey what time is cuffs in his booth at North Street. We want an appointment to see him. Me and my buddies down at the Howard Hotel were talking about Cuffs. He’s onto something that won’t cost us any more tax money. We always approve things that don’t cost town taxpayers more.

    • Little Joey: After you get that appointment with Cuffs, let us know what he has to say about his plan to turn things around and reduce the hit on taxpayer wallets. We hear he’s a busy man with many people stopping by his booth to get suggestions

  3. Since Cuffs does not have a computer or an email account, he’s asked me to reply to inquiries regarding his potential service to the community and a possible meeting.

    Night Watcher: While Cuffs has spent some time in state and federal institutions not associated with higher academics and formal learning, he is self educated in quite adept at solving real word problems. Based on the less than sterling record of the town’s current revitalization group, I’d have to say that Cuffs is probably over qualified for a position and he might be enticed to serve as a valuable consultant. But that, of course is entirely up to him.

    Little Joey: Cuffs said he is quite busy right now, shopping and wrapping presents for family and friends, as well as getting gifts for some of his former roommates, who are still living under the supervision of the state. (Their items have to be prepared for delivery and sent following strict requirements that leave them open to inspection.) So he will be tied up until after the New Year. I was speaking to Jimmy and the North Street today, and he said Cuffs has departed from his usual schedule and pops in from time to time. So catching him in the near future might be difficult. But Cuffs is looking forward to meeting with his newfound friends to share his thoughts and opinions. Hopefully, in early January.

  4. Oh, redrighter, how cute that you instill your agenda into a non-existent North Street “regular.” Your Johnny one note agenda is so tiresome! Please stop insulting the down on their luck North Street folks by asserting they– and your fictional character– agree with your political agenda.

  5. I attend college in Dover, Delaware. The college occasionally sends out emails about events that the Dover Downtown Alliance hosts. Last Friday, they had a Christmas Celebration going on with local vendors, a living history program at the old state house, and students from my college Christmas caroling. It was a real nice evening. They try to do something downtown at least once a month. The college has also purchased an old federal government building that will be turned into the new Nursing Dept. and Allied Health programs building…the idea of this is to help bring more foot traffic through the town, and cause students and faculty to help support downtown businesses. Perhaps some of these towns should keep an eye on what Dover does.

  6. Kyle:

    Thanks for sharing those opportunities. There are strategies that will help a downtown become more viable and some communities, such as Dover, that are having success with them. A community has to figure out the resources it has and implement focuses plans to leverage those opportunities. For some its the town’s history, for others its being a seat of government with hundreds of employees, and others have natural resources such as waterfronts. It would be interesting to see what Elkton’s long-term strategy and its plan are for returning viability in the town center.

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