60% of BRAC Workers Pick Harford Co, While Cecil Attracts 18%

Realtors had varied opinions about impact of BRAC, Rising Sun Herald reported.

From the moment it was announced that Fort Monmouth operations were going to move to Aberdeen Proving Ground, local officials in northeastern Maryland have been busy describing the economic impact the closure was going to have on local jurisdictions.  That’s often resulted in optimistic projections as a range of figures were tossed out for consideration so getting a handle on verifiable data was often challenging. 

However, a recent report from the Chesapeake Science & Security Corridor helps as it reports on how many BRAC (Base Realignment & Closure) workers settled in the region.  As we suspected the majority of the people, sixty percent, settled in Harford County.  Cecil attracted 18 percent, a nice portion, but not nearly as high as some of the shared estimates.  Other counties included New Castle with 7 percent and Baltimore County with 5 percent.  The remaining ten percent are scattered throughout other jurisdictions in the area.   The report,  as of September 30,  is current.

For years, officials have have talked about how the relocation of military workers would impact the area as plans were implemented to assure each area attracted a portion of the migrating population.  Cecil County, as we reported in 2008,  has a full-time marketing director responsible for bringing tour groups here and conducting related activities pitching the county.  Earlier that year, the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton added an additional $10,000 to the funding stream it provides the Elkton Alliance, its Main Streets Agency.  This added revenue was designed to help the nonprofit market the town to relocatting BRAC workers.

Click here to see the study.

density of BRAC settlement by zip code.



2 responses to “60% of BRAC Workers Pick Harford Co, While Cecil Attracts 18%

  1. George Armstrong Custer

    Why would anyone want to go to that bloody Harford County!? They’re traitors over there in Harford County! You hear me, TRAITORS! That lousy Rebel General Archer lived there, we captured him at the Battle of Gettysburg, and that man got what he deserved! That scoundrel, scum of the earth John Wilkes Booth is from there too. You probably remember him as the man who assassinated President Lincoln.
    You people that call yourself “BRACers” must be Confederate Spies, posing as people from Fort Mommouth! You “BRACers” beware, know that General George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Calvary is keeping an eye on you!

  2. Yeah, Custer those members of the Armed Forces who let you ramble on our traitors. Yeah, those American Armed Forces. Rich one, Custer. Also you do know your Civil War history and that Breckinridge won Cecil?

    Plus your stupid rant against Harford for something that happened in 1865 is almost childish, dont you got something else to spam. Yeah the US Military must be Confederate Spies and General Custer of Little Big Horn fame is defaming our honorable US Armed Forces.

    Why did so many move in Harford, well for one APG is in Harford. I guess the US Government is traitors, right Custer? BTW, I say Cecil did pretty well and our business community should do well. Your trolling is asinine.

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