Newly Elected Commissioners Greeted Warmly by Large Crowd During Swearing In Ceremony on Frigid Afternoon

Elkton, December 13, 2010 — On this cold, blustery December afternoon, as the temperature dipped below freezing, the recently elected commissioners were sworn in at the county administration building.  The newcomers, Diana Broomell, Mike Dunn, and Tari Moore, join two members who are halfway through their terms, making it a full Republican board.

While the temperature outside fell into the 20s, the three officials were greeted warmly inside by a large crowd of well-wishers, family, government employees and others as they shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, and posed for photographs.  The crowd appeared to be one of the largest to have attended a swearing in ceremony in years.  Lots of work awaits the new board in the upcoming year as it deals with the county’s financial position, the annual tax levy, potential cost shifting from the state, government efficiency, and much more, while keeping campaign promises in mind.

Co. Administrator Al Wein, joins Commissioners Hodge, Moore, Broomell, Mullin & Dunn for the group photo.


One response to “Newly Elected Commissioners Greeted Warmly by Large Crowd During Swearing In Ceremony on Frigid Afternoon

  1. George Armstrong Custer

    Well, I’m glad things went down at that swearing in ceremony. I was worried, my boys and I in the 7th Calvary were in bivouac over by that Williams Carriage Dealer in case things went down. We were ready to come riding in if needed in case that Brooks fellow or the Smipkins decided to ambush! But I don’t trust an all republican board of county commissioners at all! While it may have been the Democrats that got us into the War of the Rebellion I don’t trust those Republicans either. Service in the Union Army has taught me to never trust politicians. The last good Republican was Mr. Lincoln and after him, it was all down hill from there. Rumor has it that Ulysses S. Grant is planning on running for President. I may have served under him duirng the War Between the States but that man is a Republican and a drunkard, I trust that the American people wouldn’t elect a drunkard to the White House. I especially got mey eye on that Robert Hodge fellow, he has that smug grin on his face. Typical of a Republican!

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