President Mullin & VP Broomell Elected as Presiding Officers; Commissioner Hodge Says Govt. Must Be More Efficient – Citizens Don’t Want More Taxes

Elkton, December 14, 2010 – Before a standing room only audience of some 60 people, the new Republican Board of County Commissioners met for the first time.  The first item considered, the election of presiding officers for the new term, resulted in the appointment of Jim Mullin as President and Diana Broomell as Vice-President.

Before the nominations were made, Commissioner Hodge, one of two remaining mid-term officials, welcomed the newcomers and offered a few general observations.  Noting the challenges ahead, as well as the implications of an election that didn’t return incumbents, he said: “I have a good feeling” about our ability to work together as we make complex decisions.  We have to be more effective.  Our citizens have let us know that they don’t want more taxes passed on to them.  We have to find new, more efficient ways of doing things.  Looking around the conference room, people standing against walls and in the hallway, as those outside struggled to hear the proceedings, the commissioner, observed that public involvement with county government had been minimal during his first two years.  “Frankly there has been limited participation of the citizens.  Citizen involvement keeps us accountable” and I wish we’d had more, but this is good to see.  For the newcomers, he had a suggestion.  “Ask lots of questions.  It’ll educate you and it keeps the staff accountable.”

After those remarks, the floor was opened for nominations.  Jim Mullin, the other official midway through a term, was elected President in a unanimous vote.  For Vice-President, Diana Broomell, a recently elected official, was nominated.  When the vote was called, Commissioner Hodge abstained while the other commissioners approved the appointment.


26 responses to “President Mullin & VP Broomell Elected as Presiding Officers; Commissioner Hodge Says Govt. Must Be More Efficient – Citizens Don’t Want More Taxes

  1. Well isn’t this just peachy. I had to leave the room to be sick, but held it together long enough to hear Hodgepodge lecture while Broomhilda chomped and blinked in utter…ah…like…I don’t know, you know…ah…could your explain that…I’m kinda nervous…hee hee hee.

    The Smipkindunell cartel, now led by Mullinaround is in charge and control. Let’s just hope for their sake that any decisions occur well into any sessions or meetings so that Broomhilda can get there. She sure started off on the wrong foot showing up late for their FIRST meeting. Maybe she was just lost, or got her numbers mixed up again, as usual. Would someone please teach her how to read a clock and understand numbers?

    Down at the bar I overheard Cuffs say that Boss Pipkin has thrown in his hat for the County Supervisor gig. Wow, and after all that money he wasted trashing the whole Charter Government issue before the election. Not to worry, it wasn’t his money anyway…never is.

    But hey, he probably realized that the actual salary for the position had not been set as yet. (the charter says: “…the Executive shall receive the sum of not less than ninety-eight thousand dollars ($98,000) per annum…”). With his puppets in place, he could make sure it was worthwhile. But then again, he may not realize that part of the deal is that the job is full time and that the Executive shall not participate in any private occupation for compensation, or hold any other office of profit.

    What to do, what do do?

    Well, he owes Smigiel a multitude of favors, so here comes our newly appointed Director of Finance. There are no provisions for his compensation, therefore, the sky is the limit. Attorney Smigiel, of course, can bury his and Pippy’s other deals and transactions is such a way that know one will know. Undoubtedly all ‘legally’. We may just have to look in Delaware, where they hide now to avoid paying Maryland and Cecil Taxes. If you don’t believe it…follow the money.

    It will be difficult going to all the meetings which the public is allowed to attend. But I shall make every effort.

    They were right. Charter Government will cost more as we serfs bow to the Smipkindunmellin empire.

    Hi Bee! : )

    • Well Hi back to you Raoul or should I say Ms. P. Since you were covering the first commissioner meeting it is a good thing you did not leave the meeting due to your so call nausea. As you would not have been unable to make such negative/misleading comments in regards to Smigiel, Pipkin, Broomell, Dunn. Raoul/Ms. P your nasty published comments on this site and elsewhere DID NOT work durning election and it DOESN’T work now. Might I suggest something new for you try being nice. You might enjoy it.

    • Raoul: Good to see a large attendane at the first workshop. Lots of eyes on the process helps as informed citizens, with a range of position on a subject, lets politicans know that their decisions affect people and they will be held accountable for actions when the voters again have a say. I’m happy to see such attendance since county residents will otherwise have a hard time staying informed about what’s really going on at the meetings.

      It was good to see a full representation of local news outlets there too, including two legacy media sources and bloggers. Hopefully by having many outlets reporting on the meetings, voters will be able to come to better conclusions about what happened. Years ago when there was a local govenrment meeting you’d have some four reporters in attendance, giving one the ability to get a really balanced perspective. That helped balance out any one source thatmight have an agenda for whatever reason. You could also pickup the News Journal or Wayne Fenstermacher’s Herald and see what those two sources, less interested in playing the Cecil Co. Political game, thought about the event.

      BTW, it seems you’re fretting over Charter in a few recent posts. What happened, after all those earlier exchanges we had and you were concerned about how some people getting a life-life to the modern Cecil Co, once it was over? As I said then, we’ll all be just fine, whatever the outcome.

      Anyway, good to see you at the packed standing room meeting, as people outside in the hallway struggled to hear the actions of the commissioners.

  2. George Armstrong Custer

    You know what, I agree with this Raoul fellow. He might be on to something. I don’t trust Ms. Broomell, Mrs. Moore, or Mr. Hodge (Especially with that smug grin he permanently has on his face!) What makes people so sure that this all Republican board is a great thing for Cecil County!? When your county is in the same rut four years from now that it is now, lets see what you folks think. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of service in the Union Army, it’s that you never trust politicians! Never! The last good Republican was Mr. Lincoln. Since then there’s been that idiot Andrew Johnson and that drunkard Ulysses S. Grant. That man was one of us military men until he crossed over to politics! Now he and his cronies up there in Washington are messing up everything!
    Word from my men in the seventh calvary is that that Hodge fellow voted against these contraptions call sprinkers…who would go against THAT!? Especially after that fire I heard about down in Indian Acres. Even that fool Grant knows you don’t vote against that after a fire if you can get that lousy drunk out of the bar! I don’t trust any politicians, especially Republicans, especially those lunatics Broomell and Hodge!

    • Custer’s Ghost ( I guess) How very sad to have such a bitter opinion of our American System. For G A Custer/Custer’s Ghost and Raoul/Ms P. I have three suggestions #1 Move to another country. #2 Give people a chance to prove themselves before you insert your foot in mouth. #3 You have 2 years to start your own campaign to run for elected office. Of course remember there are always thoes smart backsides that think they know it all.

      • Bee…Apparently your view of the “American System” is that everyone is entitled to your opinion. As the Queen Bee you have done a good job of stirring up the drone bees, financing their campaigns, and getting them elected. Now that they have to stand on their own, they must prove themelves. We’ll see if they are truly” the Best Politicians that money can buy”.

        • Hornet, I seems to have made your stinger show or maybe I should say I hit a sore spot. If you don’t agree with my opinion then don’t read my comments. The last I checked the “American System” includes freedom of speech. For your information I bought four fundraiser tickets for a small amount and gave them aways as I did not attend . That was my total donation to all campaigns. It isn’t money that marks the voter ballot its concerned people. I wish I were a “Queen Bee” as you stated, but I am just a Cecil County concerned citizen/voter so thanks for the compliment.

  3. #1: No. Your suggestion is to either run, or bury your head in the sand to ignore the problems at hand. That has not been working very well. Change is inevitable. To control change, you must become an active participant. I am.

    #2: Prove themselves? Don’t you mean give another chance to lying, cheating, manipulative politico who will do anything for their own agenda? We cannot wait for them to ‘suddenly’ start caring about anyone but themselves. We must push them to be open to discussion and seek input from experts on subjects they must address.

    #3: If all we do is wait two years, we will get more of the same old musical chairs of a struggling political system. The syndrome of throw out the bums and bring in some new ones is not working. Successful businesses work by employing the right leaders. If a hire doesn’t work out, they are fired. You can only imagine the results if IBM waited two years to replace a wrong hire (one based on a weak resume and interview deception), and then had the shareholders vote to replace them with the criteria of yard sign numbers and campaign rhetoric. And then, to find out that those job candidates were financially tied together through channeling of funds to each other.

    The world would be outraged and politicians would scream that the corruption must end. Lawyers would make fortunes defending and suing.

    What’s good for the goose…

    I am sorry Bee, but it is time ‘Someone Noticed’ and then ‘Someone Did Something’ before it is too late.

    • Raoul/Ms. P. I didn’t mean to get you so upset (yes I did) . You have made some very strong/serious statements here. Do you have any proof to back up your statements? Or is this a personal vendetta from years back? “Someone Noticed” and then “Someone Did Something” before it is too late ” seem a strange statement as the voters did notice they turned out in large volume, Did Something they voted for what they considered the right people, too late have you noticed the election is over. Only time will tell if we made the correct choice. Lets at least give them a chance to prove themselves.

  4. QQQUUUUIIIIIIEEEEETTTTTT! CAN’T A WAR HERO GET ANY SLEEP AROUND HERE!? Simmer down or I’ll call Sherman in for reinforcements! You don’t want him, he’s a pyromaniac!

  5. Bee…We know who writes the big checks. You play your role well. Can you keep the “team” under control?

    • Hornet, Since you know who writes the big checks maybe you can get them to write me one. The Holiday season is expensive. Playing a role is another of your compliments to me. Thanks again. But I don’t deserve this one either as I simply told the truth. Why is it that people like you blame everything printed on Delegate Smigiel? Never mind I have the answer. It is due to the fact you have nothing else of importance to say. Or are you saying no one else in Cecil County has any brains ? When you reply to me you should make your comments to Bee otherwise don’t expect me to answer. Again Thanks for your two compliments. Bee

      • Bee…I only blame /credit Delegate Smigiel for what he writes. I would like to wish you and your Team a Happy Holiday Season.

  6. Hornet, No reply to your dumb comment. But next time I speak to Delegate Smigiel I will pass your greetings on to him and his family. Better yet why don’t you call him. He would appreciate a Merry Greeting from a Hornet. Would be a first thats for sure. I might add your manners are very poor since you didn’t wish me a Happy Holiday Season. To Hornet from Bee Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.

  7. So much name-calling. Are we in 5th grade here?

    Where do all these conspiracy theories come from? Am I to believe that one middle-aged, pudgy (sorry Del. Smigiel) lawyer in a one-man practice with his wife filling in as secretary has complete control over so much of the county? Is he the great and powerful Wizard of Oz? These accusations are far-fetched. Maybe next Raul (as a true hispanic would spell it) will start demanding his long form birth certificate.

    “The riper the grain is, the lower it hangs its head.”

  8. Hu shanjian,

    Where did your bigotry come from? You look down your nose to cite name-calling and then spew your prejudice.

    Mr. Smigiel is not pudgy. [Edited by Someone Noticed – sentence removed]

    I do think it is interesting the way you try to make him out as just a local, awe shucks kinda local boy in his little law practice. He has strong political financial ties to Pipkin and in turn they to Dunn, Broomell and Mullin.
    When, make that a big if, they ever file their full campaign financial reports, it will be obvious where the money is moved and who benefits.

    Take the time to analyze past campaign finance records, and you will see what is obvious. Theory…I think not.

  9. Mike,
    You removed my statement that Smigiel is [remainder of this remark and several sentences removed by Someone Noticed]

    • Editor’s Note

      Raoul, Your observation that we removed some part of your remarks is correct. When we edit a comment, we insert a note so it’s obvious to everyone that we edited the piece. You’ll recall that we removed portions of some of your earlier posts under your preferred alias for lurking around the Net, Raoul, as the Charter discussion was causing heated remarks. While we want this blog to be open to the full range of opinions on a subject, we make a judgment about when the remarks go too far. That’s a call we have to make and it’s strictly a jugment call about when it’s gon too far, make, though we took note of your objections today.

      Disagreeing with a person is fine as Someone Noticed is open to lively and spirited discussions, representing perspectives from both sides of an issue. That’s something that’s been demonstrated here time and time again. When a post is on topic, is well thought out, presents civilly presents some actual information and not posted under an alias, it can help to make sure people are informed on an issue. That matter of making sure people are informed on all perspectives related to an issue is important here, since there aren’t many available sources for readers to gather information from all angles, especially on local governmental affairs, as you well know.

      By-the-way, when a reader posts under a real name, we’ll give that posts a greater consideration, than when someone is saying something they don’t want to attach their actual name to. If someone is willing to attach her name to a post and accept responsibility for the words that’s another thing that gets a different consideration. One has to wonder about the purpose, when someone posts something that they’re not willing to sign. Anything we’ve said here, we’d been just as comfortable saying directly to anyone.

      In fact, when we first started this two and a-half-years ago after the local paper wouldn’t coverage an important public policy issue, that matter caught us by surprise. The first test, to give a comment on the Net is does it appear to have come from soomeone actually putting his or her name to it. You’re fully aware of how many comments in the blogosphere come from masked sources, as a number of people, for whatever reason, want to say something, but don’t want a name attached. Oh well that’s sort of like the outlet talk radio provides.

      Raoul just some quick thoughts on posts. Some of these remarks about our thoughts on this matter have been made before.

      • Mike,

        You are trying to pull me out. If you think about all the republicans you know, you will know who I am.

        If you think about recent commissioners meetings, you may remember who I am.

        I do not even know what you mean by “lurking around the Net”.

        I do not sign my full name as I fear coercion and bullying by Smipkin, and law suits by Smigiel. I cannot afford to defend myself from him, especially since he does not have to pay for counsel. Yes, he has intimidated me directly and indirectly.

        I do take offense that you allow Hu shanjian (made up name) to spew derogatory and bigoted remarks, while editing what I say. My earlier remarks, which you deleted, were accurate and truthful. If you can’t handle the truth, then why not make your remarks thus: “Someone Noticed does not agree nor endorse the opinions made here, but in the spirit of free speech, we have allowed these comments uncensored.”

        Be fair. Be consistent.

        • Raoul, the periodic editing of reader comments is a decision we have to make when something goes too far in terms of being a little too edgy, mean-spirited, focusing on personal attacks and such, in our judgment. Your remarks, along with others have been edited, when we thought they were going too far.

          Beyond a few edits when we’ve flagged a post for whatever reason, you’ll note we allow readers to take all sides of an issue. We also allow them to challenge us on what we’ve reported or our positions in op/ed pieces. You’re well aware of that from the election and the charter campaign finance issue.

          As for “luring around the net” we’ll say what we said earlier. It’s surprising when people want to use an alias to argue a valid point on the net. If we want to persuade someone with a logical and clear argument, we want to make sure people can identify the source of the post.

          If they use an alias, there’s got to be some reason for it. In your case you say you “fear coercion and bullying by Smipkin and lawsuits by Smigiel.” We’ve never been coereced or felt really pushed around by a Cecil County politicians. Over the decades we’ve had opportunities to disagree with plenty of them. Those public policy disagreements were often high-profile and went on for a period, while growing in intensity, but to have to worry about them personally, that’s not something we understand from our experience with Cecil Co. politicians.

          We as a society want people in public leadership positions to know that their actions will be politely questioned and appropriately challenged in a civil way. That contributes to good govenrment as leaders know they need to be on firm ground. When citizens or the media fail to dig deeper into things, that’ll create a situation where leadership doesn’t need to be a mindful of decisions.

          We’ve mentioned this before, but the Kent Co. News regularly challenges the commissioners down there for going behind closed doors and each year they file a complaint or two, sometimes winning them. You can be the Kent Co. Commissioners know that if they go behind closed doros for a meeting, they’d better have it right for, if not, the local weekly newspaper will come after them. That’s a good thing. Somehow here our commissioners have never been questioned. Either they’re much better at compliance with the act or local media isn’t watching.

  10. To: Smokie the Bear Sorry to accuse you of being Delegate Smigiel. The attack on his favorite targets Hodge and Moore gives you an identical MO. Say hi to Dixie Bear for me.

    • It is wasy to use an alias on the net, Captain Custard, as your’re well aware. I suspect anyone in political life has more than one or two people that disagree with them, especially on issues like the current one.

  11. All of you settle down! One more explosion and I’m dispatching for General Sherman!

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