Elkton Waives Building Permit Fees for Town’s Fire Service & EMS Provider, While Retaining All Major Facilities Charges

At Wednesday’s Elkton Town Board meeting, officials received a request from the Singerly Fire Company to waive $70,288 in municipal fees associated with the renovation of the aging Newark Avenue Fire Station.  The major facilities assessment accounts for $60,000 of the levy, while building and renovation permits totaled about $10,288. 

The next day Mayor Joseph Fisona informed fire company officials that the town waived all the building permit charges.  As for the major utility charge, the fire, rescue and emergency medical services provider for the municipality will have to pay the full amount of $60,000, but a payment schedule was established.  One-fifth of the amount ($12,000) is due at the time the permit is issued and the balance of $48,000 will be paid in installments over the next four years.


4 responses to “Elkton Waives Building Permit Fees for Town’s Fire Service & EMS Provider, While Retaining All Major Facilities Charges

  1. Hey anytime one of those builders asked to not pay the sewer hookup cost the town could not wait to tell those people that it was okay. Don’t pay it. Now when the fire company wants help they make them pay to hook up to the sewer. That doesn’t sound right. What’s up Joe, that is what I say.

    • Night Watchman, you have an interesting point. The town needs a policy, especially in this era when they can’t routinely keep waiving fees as they need to generate m0ney to service the utility debt. Since that’s the case, it would seem that you’d have a policy to give much higher priority to other governmental units, public safety providers, and nonprofits. Last on the list would be commercial enterprises, that aren’t servicing a direct public good. Certainly some of the groups listed above should take much higher priority than the commercial developers that recently received subtantially fee waivers and in one instance caused the town to have to admit in court it had exceeded its authority in waiving fees.

  2. Wasn’t much of a snow storm, but they kept the news coming. That would have been helpfull if we had that blizzard they were calling for. Hard to get local current local news in Havre de Grac.

    • Thanks for posting Dominick. The Havre de Grace Patch was providing developing news on the story as the day went on. You might want to check it out.

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