Red Righter: Cuffs Gets “Tea Party Tested, Tea Party Approved” Gift From Smipkins

From Red Righter

At the North Street Hotel

A red blur moved across the back of the North Street Hotel on the Monday morning after Christmas. After my eyes focused through the shadows of the room, I realized the crimson apparition was not the Ghost of Christmas Past, only Cuffs wearing new attire. Smiling, my friend pointed to his fire-engine-red sweatshirt, featuring large white letters spread across his chest, reading: “Tea Party Tested, Tea Party Approved.”

“Got this in the mail from Smipkins. Great gift, huh?” he asked, sliding into his booth and lifting a stained coffee cup to his lips. “Too early for the hard stuff, but this is a great day starter,” he added, raising his cup of dark, steaming brew.

“Very nice,” I replied, complimenting him on his new shirt and choice of early morning beverage. Passing a very small package across the table, I said, “Merry Christmas.”

article continues on Red Righter


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