Blogging Live From Sprinkler Hearing: Tea Party Expresses Concerns

Blogging Live From the County Administration Building

As the clock edges toward 9 p.m., the hearing continues and there appear to be plenty of people waiting to testify.  Several of the recent speakers encouraging the commissioners to move forward with the moratorium and make sprinklers optional, have addressed Tea Party philosophies.  When Ron Lobos came forward, he started by beginning to recognize each commissioner individually, indicating how the Tea Party has played a role in the official’s election.  Going from commissioner to commissioner, he noted that President Mullin was “Tea Party Tested and Tea Party Approved,” Commissioner Broomell had been an organizer of the Tea Party, and then he turned to Commissioner Moore.  At that point President Mullin reminded him that this was about sprinklers and not the tea party credentials of the new Republican board.  His earlier remark about Tea Party Tested, Tea Party Approved drew a rare smile from Commissioner Hodge.

After that he talked about the role of government, reminding each of the officials that they’d campaign on less government, less intrusion, and more freedom of choice.  That’s what this about he noted.   

Another speaker said, there was a mandate on November 2nd, and that’s why you were elected.  “This is an infringement on our personal property rights.  We ask you to stand up for our personal rights.”


2 responses to “Blogging Live From Sprinkler Hearing: Tea Party Expresses Concerns

  1. Interesting that the local “tea party” made a point of not endorsing candidates, yet now they want to declare that the elected officials owe them allegiance for getting them elected. How quickly those grass roots activists want to become those political insiders that they profess to dislike.

  2. “His earlier remark about Tea Party Tested, Tea Party Approved drew a rare smile from Commissioner Hodge.”

    I think it was more of a smirk than a smile.

    And as far as a mandate on November 2…All I have witnessed was out with the old, in with the change. (Cannot say new as that would be a ridiculous label).

    If anything, voters wanted decision makers, who agreed with a more hands-off government. What they voted in for Cecil County were puppets who cannot and will not make a decision on their own while spending a great deal of time placating the citizens.

    Decisions, if you can call them that, will be negotiated behind closed doors in our new open and transparent County government and then delivered to the public as if handed down from heaven.

    That smirk will turn into a grimace when Mr. Hodge realizes he is in the minority and will give up any effort to make a difference for what he believes. Tari’s cheerful personality and open expressions will turn into the same gloomy attitude and dour looks displayed by ms broomell.

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