Blogging Live From Sprinkler Hearing: The Meeting is Over After Nearly 3 Hours of Testimony

It is 9:47 p.m. and the public hearing, which took nearly three hours, is over.  We’ll provide a more detailed report soon.


2 responses to “Blogging Live From Sprinkler Hearing: The Meeting is Over After Nearly 3 Hours of Testimony

  1. The guidelines relayed to the people who wanted to speak during this public hearing was that the subject at hand (residential sprinkler systems) was the only issue that would be allowed to be discussed. In spite of this, Commissioner Mullin allowed comment time after time from firemen on commercial sprinkler systems. That hearing was not about commercial sprinkler systems and I don’t think anyone there was opposed to them. However, I believe that Mullin, regardless of what the citizens of Cecil County want, is determined to ram this new regulation through. Scores of people who were there were participants in the Cecil County Tea Parties, and were concerned with this regulation as being a threat to our civil liberty in retation to our right to choose. However, when I tried to present this point of view, Commissioner Mullin rudely interrupted and would not allow it. I hope he does not carry this manipulative attitude into all public hearings. I contend that commissioner Mullin is a wolf in sheeps clothing and is the only liberal Democratic commissioner we have.

    • Smigeil, Pipkin, Dunn, Broomell, Mullin. Hodge will pick and choose which one to side with on some issues, as if he had a mind of his own.

      Tari…I feel so sorry for her dilemma when she really would like to be of service to the County.

      Voted in. They want the power to decide for you what you need.

      Republican…Democrat…it makes little difference.

      They are government…of the government, by the government and for the government.

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