Daily Record: Casinos to work with legislators to fix issues

From the Daily Record . . .

The operators of Maryland’s first casino said Wednesday they will be working with legislators in Annapolis to fix problems that they say have depressed revenue.

General Manager Himbert Sinopoli told the State Lottery Agency of the challenges facing Hollywood Casino Perryville — and how the casino plans to meet with legislators to try to expand its hours and bring table games to Maryland.

The Perryville casino opened Sept. 27, bringing in $11.3 million in its first full month of operation. But since then, revenue has dropped significantly, to a low of $6.5 million in December. Casino officials say many state laws have hurt growth, which has also slowed because of the winter months.

Sinopoli said that the time of year and an expected drop-off in traffic were partly to blame for the revenue decrease. A third factor was the complexity of Maryland’s gaming law. The casino is open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., while casinos in Delaware, West Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are open 24 hours. Sinopoli said that while the early hours draw in about 30 people, when the casino has to close at 2 a.m., it is routinely “kicking out” nearly 400 customers on Friday and Saturday nights. . . .

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3 responses to “Daily Record: Casinos to work with legislators to fix issues

  1. the drop in revenue couldn’t be related to the unemployment rate could it? that’s right, the casino officials will come up with a way to help you spend what little money you have.

  2. Oh we’re sure they’ll come up with some solutions as the legislators work to fix the issues.

  3. If the operators would add prostitution and drugs they would have a trifecta of offerings for the discerning consumer. Let’s not limit ourselves!


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