Train, Board Appointments and Senior Housing Are Subjects of Quick Town Meeting

Elkton Town Meeting, January 19, 2011 – In a brief session of 32-minutes the Mayor & Commissioners quickly took care of business on this chilly January evening.  While the officials took care of the public’s business, an Elkton Town Police Officer was once again detailed to provide security for the session.  The Mayor previously requested a law enforcement presence during the last election but a month or two after the race was over, the security detail was discontinued.

Most news came from the reports of the elected officials, though an Elkton business owner was presented to ask about what could be done to help Main Street (see separate story)  Here are the meeting highlights.

Continuing to work on returning rail passenger service to Elkton, Mayor Fisona advised the Wilmapco 2040 Regional Transportation Plan included a timeline that called for service to be initiated here in 2020.  “We got it moved up a little bit, and they’re hoping to get some money . . . so we can continue moving forward with the train,” the Mayor remarked.  The return of the service was planned for 2030 and later in the meeting the mayor discussed what’s being done to secure funding for the restoration. 

The Zoning Appeals Board will have two new members.  The chair, Sharon Foster, and Vice-Chair, Ronald Rae, received letters earlier from Mayor Fisona informing them that they wouldn’t be reappointed.  Dawn Schwartz and Shirley Ann Hicks were appointed to fill the two openings.  Jared Roudybush, another member, was reappointed for another term.

A new chain restaurant, Olive Garden, will be coming to town. “I can tell you it’s coming because they did sign the lease,” the mayor said.  The eatery will be located on Route 40. 

Senior Housing Marketing has begun and they are taking information for applications, Commissioner Jablonski reported. “They expect to be open at the end of June.  That’ll be a great addition to the area.”


6 responses to “Train, Board Appointments and Senior Housing Are Subjects of Quick Town Meeting

  1. One of your new appointees to the zoning board should not have been appointed as she could not/would not run the Chamber of Commerce. I hope she has changed her attitude toward being a leader.

  2. Rail service by 2030.


    Gee, I can hardly wait.

    • Actually Raoul the date was 2020. In our first typing of the piece we entered the wrong date. Though it’s important to note that this is just a planning document produced by a regional planning agency. The funding now has to be obtained.

  3. they figure by 2030 the town will be ready for complete demolition. bulldoze it down and start fresh.

  4. Joan

    It would be helpful if the downtown business community still had a voice that was independent of local government to speak up for their concerns as they try to make sure govenrmental or quasi-governmental agencies are focusing on the right tasks. At least they had that with the Elkton Chamber, some independent voice that as a group could speak up. Now it’s up to Wes or individual business-owners to come and ask things. Whatever happened to the downtown merchant’s association? Was that absorbed too? Of course, too, the Chamber raised it’s own money from private sources, so that was productive too.

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