Red Righter: Advisers Sometimes Slow Things Down and Commish Dunn Says: ‘Stop the Madness’

From Red Righter . . .

“I love reading my morning paper,” Cuffs said, as the light from a rear window in the North Street Hotel fell across his booth. “If you take your time, you can find little nuggets to help get you through your day.”

“For instance?” I asked, settling in a seat opposite him.  “Take this ‘Special Delegation Advice Committee of Smart Cecil Citizens on Money Spending Matters.’ From what I read this week, it sounds like this hot idea is sorta in a holding pattern.”

Cuffs explained that the Commishes held a workshop and discussed how many helpers they’d get. They horse traded until it was decided they’d each get a single draft pick—meaning there will be five new hawk-eyed, budget gurus to help them out. But when they’re selected, announced and get down to serious work, nobody knows.

I pointed out to Cuffs that this wasn’t unusual. The wheels of government turn very slowly. “Who said that?” he asked, glancing up from his newspaper.  “I did,” I said.  Disappointed, he snarled, “Oh. I thought it might be a pearl from some famous deep thinker. Because it makes perfect sense, I didn’t expect it was coming from you.”

I didn’t respond and waited a few moments. When dealing with Cuffs the good stuff comes out toward the end of the conversation.

“Well,” he said, “I’d say time’s a wasting. They’ve gotta have another hash-out-the-details workshop on advisers soon to get these super bean counters off to the races—slashing and chopping away. There just might be a whole lot of wasteful spending for them to find. If so, the idea may prove worthwhile after all. You following me so far?”  “I guess so.”  “Good. Now hold that thought.”

Then Cuffs flipped through his disorganized pile of newspapers and produced a story from the Havre de Grace Record. It talked about over a million dollars in casino grant money proceeds, sitting somewhere, just waiting to be spent for the good of the County.

“According to what I read,” Cuffs said, “there’s another band of advisers—the Local Development Council—out and about.”  “So why should I care?” I asked.

Laughing, Cuffs replied, “If I said I was gonna give you $1.5 million to spend, would you be interested?” . . .

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10 responses to “Red Righter: Advisers Sometimes Slow Things Down and Commish Dunn Says: ‘Stop the Madness’

  1. While this second story is an improvement on the first, it still contains “fuzzy facts” as in “fuzzy math”. Attributing innacuracies to “Cuffs” is no excuse for failure to research the facts. The duties and responsibilites of all parties are spelled out in the Constitution of Maryland Article XIX Video Lottery Terminals. Scrolling through the Red Righter article, “fuzziness” abounds. You say that Perryville had completed it’s “initial plan” when the casino was being built is a good example. FACT: There is no provision for an initial plan (shopping list). There is no “plan “until it has been submitted. You say, “But” I (Red Righter)) said,”Perryville can’t get paid back a dime for it’s work, because the County hasn’t finished it’s proposal, and the LDC hasn’t met”. FACT: The LDC met in September and will meet this Thursday, having recently received Perryville’s plan. You (Red Righter) claim that there is uncertainty. There is no uncertainty on any point. It is spelled out in the State of Maryland Constitution. I suggest that Red Righter advertise for a “Fact Checker Helper Group”.

    • Hey Halligan, that Red rider always has trouble getting facts straight. Read his other stuff. if we ignore him maybe he will go away.

  2. Hey Halligan:
    Thanks for all this helpful information. As for that first LDC meeting last September, five months ago, wasn’t it more like a meet and greet affair for the new appointees, not a heavy duty working session?

    Also, where, and at what time, is the LDC going to convene this Thursday? There may be some people who want to watch the members get reacquainted and try to recognize each other, after their five-month hiatus. It will be good to see how the appointees begin working to resolve this issue. Any info on the site and time would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Dear Red Righter,
      The meeting will be convened in Perryville at the “Outlet Center ” (Rte. 222/I95) at 6:00 PM on 02/10/2011 in store #30 (next to Oshkosh). Please bring “Cuffs”. I’m sure that the assembly would welcome your comments.

      • Hey halligan. Sure good to see that there are still a few sesnsible liberals left around here like me and you. We got to watch people like red rider and those right wing republicans running the county.

  3. Why should Dunn get a pass? Seems like he is channeling Smigiel. Dunn has been mute until the Cecil County Tea Party Patriots suggested help for budget analysis. Apparently Smigiel removed his thumb from the Dunn “mute” button.

    • Hey Howard get real will you. Give Dunn a break will you. At least he is an independent thinker unlike you and that Red Rider. Did you see that tea party man wants to do the school superintedants job. YEAH SURE. NOW WE KNOW WHAT HE’S ABLE TO SHARE ON CUTTING THE BUDGET. Wait till hodge and Broomell put them on their committee to find more stuff like that

  4. Howard still got those sour grapes dont you about Dunn winning, and as usual you never ever give anyone a solution but to automatically regardless of the issue attack Smigiel/Pipkin. The sky will fall if I wake up and your not blaming them for something. I mean you really are beginning to become a political novice now, your Smigiel blame game was cute at the beginning but its like MTV reality shows has outwore its welcome.

  5. The Man Doth Protest Too Much

    Halligan does know a lot of details about county and town revenue from the casino and the local development Council. I think he must be a member of the panel working on getting the plan together or with Economic Development. That’s what I think.

    • All of the information is available to anyone. It is in the State Constitution. It has been explained in newspaper articles. The meeting information for the County Commissioners as well as the Local Development Council is on the Cecil County website . I think that you and Concerned Citizen are part of the group that used to call for openness and transparency but are afraid that someone else will get credit if it succeeds. Thats what I think.

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